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18 Dec 2009

Bacon Neg Poo

Sometimes we say poo instead of pie.
We are just disgusting, like that.
At christmas we say Mince Poo rather than Mince Pie.
It raises hellishly childish laughter.
Espesh in front of total strangers.
My mother pities me, shakes her head and wishes she would have raised sheep instead.
Mwahahahhahahaha, toughy lucky Momma.

My favourite poo-poo Knock Knock jokes does not escape an airing at Christmas neither.
So here goes.
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
I just did ap.
See what I mean?

The other day we ate this.
Its Bacon Neg Poo.
Except it doesnt have nasty, thigh fattening pastry.
Its made with 4 eggs, 1 carton of very low fat cottage cheese and bacon, bunged together in the oven for 30 minutes until the eggs have fluffed and the bacon has crisped to within an inch of being carbon.

And even though I think Cottage Cheese looks like vomit, this tasted - actually - quite nice.


Jan C. said...

That looks pretty tasty. You know, you can food process cottage cheese if you don't like the chunky vomitrociousness of its appearance.

scrappermimi said...

This looks absolutely delish!

Carol said...

Looks scrum :)

Another joke for you.

What kind of pizza does good king wenslas (sp?) like.

Deep pan crisp and even! - boom boom :)

Marion said...

We have a fave family dish - SNOT PIE....
Called that because it is in fact fish pie topped with potato, and my sis, when little, didn't believe anything could be called a pie if it didn't have pastry. So she said, disdainfully, " 'S not pie!" And the name has stuck forever more!
And I suppose the white sauce could look a bit like sn..!!!

Debbie said...

It's a good ole Slimming World recipe - and tastes so much yummier than it looks!!
Loving the gags

misstwinkletoe said...

Looks good. Please put your sticky chicken recipe on here - that sounds even better!!

Anonymous said...

after a snifter or two of a particularly fine single malt,this poo looks disturbingly yumyummunchy...*the experiment to re-create begins now....*
slushy love to the curlygirl
birthday love to the old 'un
festive love to the squirrel poo eater

Lulubelle x

*reyanna klein* said...

Looks tasty! I wanna try that!