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2 Dec 2009

Back to some form of normality

The past few weeks have been a rush, a blur and a challenge.
I had been busy getting ready for christmas fairs and making lip slicksters and doing christmas shoots and ooooh all sorts - kind of knowing, on top of it all, that Marks job was hanging by a sickly thread. So when he came home last Thursday and delivered what we half expected, its still hurt all the same. I guess whilst he served 22 years in the Army his job was safe as safe as safe. This is all alien to him and us and our family unit but I do believe in the phrase "when god closes one door, somebody opens a window". In the meantime I guess we are just bracing ourselves for another long haul of job apps and hoping we can meet the mortgage; just like hundreds of others out there who are going through the same thing.


Ive just got over sweating out the worst cold ever. Ive never been so run down in all of my life and fortch for me, whilst Mark is off, he could run errands and do the school run as I vegetated in bed, wrapped in a thousand layers and hacking up my guts to clear it all out. I honestly have never slept so much, on and off in the space of 72 hours. Magic!

So - the christmas fairs. My sister and I had such a good time just selling our wares, meeting lots of lovely people and having a giggle with each other. She sold soaps and bath bombs and I sold lip slicks, hand crafted note books, printed post cards, mini bath gifts and other little nick knacks crafted by my fair hands. We didn't make a fortune but we were happy with the margins we had taken for Help the Heroes.

Whilst at one of the fairs, I met up with one of my oldest and bestest friends, Lynda. We had worked together at RAF Cosford from 1990-1992. She was a civilian clerk and I worked in the same office doing crappy RAF stuff (I hated most of the work I did, to be honest but I did love the "life"). It was unusual for civilians to mix with service personnel but Lynda and I had a common bond. Gary Numan. OMG, we would talk for hours and hours about the miserable sod and we would go to his concerts and drool over him. Until one day (and please dont ask how this happened) he invited Lynda and I to his house in Essex one crazy October weekend. Oh yes we did go and oh yes he was very, very strange and also very interesting.

We stayed at his house.....I know - effing crazy!

And I have pics to prove (must dig those out!) I think Im stalling on sharing the pictures because I distinctly remember wearing lilac shell suit bottoms and an orange Benetton top with a crazy bowl cut hairstyle - Jesus.

Anyway we have remained friends all this time. I just love her. She is gorgeous and Im sorry to have to do this to you Lynda but I must tell everyone how much NOT you look 48 years old. She is an absolute babe!

I can't tell you how delighted I was to see her after 13 years with her daughter all grown up (and whom, in my arms, I last held as a little munchkin baby). I miss her so much and that 13 year gap meant absolutely nothing in comparison to what we had to catch up on in the flesh. I was so so excited to see her gain. I mean, we have always been destined to remain the best of friends and its all down to weirdo Gary Numan. Who, I have to admit, I stole some lyrics from his house when I stayed there. I mean, he put me up in his freaky spare room and they were lying discarded on the floor.... looking unloved and worthy of an ebay airing back in 1992 (which of course Ill never part with because they are literally 2 lines of mumbo jumbo). I also stole some toilet roll which I hasten to add was clean and unused. Ive already confessed and said 50 hail Mary's even though I am not Catholic for my crime.

Gary Numan Facts:
Fact #1: He had truck loads of Cossack hairspray in his kitchen cupboards
Fact #2: He made amazing roast potatoes.
Fact #3: He had a stuffed wolf in his hallway.

That's all I'm saying (New of the world can pay me £1,000,000 for any further Numan facts).


Anyway, back to craftiness tomorrow. Ive got a hoard of things to share :)


Katty Bell said...

Glad you're getting there.x
Hilarious Gary Newman story! Me & my bezzie back in the EARLY 80's cough,cough,ahem! would have given up our back combed, mullet perms (Oh, yes...& you thought your hairstyle was bad!) to have been within touching distance! Nowt stranger than your teenage years, eh?

twinkletoe said...

No clue who Gary Newman is - off to google him now!!

Jennie said...

OMG! My ex and lots of our friends used to work for Gary Numan, this post has taken me back too many years than I care to remember! He and I also worked for Ultravox, and mmm that is one of those stories that would take several long blog posts!
Take care and hugs to you and Mark.. life is s..t sometimes, and you will get through it.

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

So glad you're starting to feel better. Ahh Gary Newman takes me back. Loved him so much at the time, my first ever concert was to see Gary Newman, and O.M.D were the support band and pretty much unknown.

So sorry about Marks job again, it's just crappo. I hope he finds something soon.

And thanks for the lip slicks, stocking filler surprises for all my little girlies, and one for me too with grateful thanks. I luv the fact that they don't gum your lips up and they stay put for ages. And the gorgeous smells..........

Luv Dee

Lil' Ol' Me said...

Gosh the memories are flowing! I loved Gary Numans music, OMD too. I can't believe you stayed in his house...and stole his loo roll! I love the 80's and have several 80s albums. I went to see Level 42 but my mother would never allow me to go to any other concerts.

Sharon said...

Ha ha ha - love that story so much especially about the loo paper! Glad you are feeling better. Sending hugs and prayers for job to turn up quickly!

Brenda Hurd said...

sorry about the job - i'm sure like you said - that window will open - and hopefully soon. Glad your feeling better.

Angela W said...

So glad you are feeling better and got to see a good friend! Sorry to hear about Mark's job. Keep the faith that it will work out! Hugs!