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29 Dec 2009

And its all over

I honestly wish I could stop getting in a pickle over what is literally 3 days of scoffing and wrapping and fretting over getting that special present "wrong". Cos whilst I'm sat here, belly laden with food that is melting towards my thighs and butt, I, why did I get in such a tizz? We only have to get through the New Year and then its reality check dot com..... back to no tinsel and super sweet candles smoking up the side of the wall!

I am ever hopeful that 2010 will be our year. Last year was NOT our year. Mark being made redundant 3 times in the space of 12 months was a sick joke and me, myself, working until 4 in the morning 5 days a week - trying to make things work/make ends meet, will hopefully be a thing of the past. The insomnia over Ellie's state of health and well being should subside because we pretty much have got to the stage of shrugging our shoulders and getting on with it (its hurts, I can't deny it - but its got to be done). I'm going to stop making excuses for Ellies behaviour/health to the ignorance's of others and just hope that other peoples maturity accepts it/stops judging it. I'm going to work doubly hard in a shorter space of time to give me the sleep I deserve. I'm going to take up yoga, lord knows I deserve to channel that inner peace that's been lacking in the past 6/7 years. I'm going to sling out the old and welcome the new in the nake, if I have to ......heeeeeeeeee!!!!

Drudgery aside, I am so excited about a couple of new opportunities in early 2010. I am so geared up for them to work and grow.....more than you or I could ever measure. I don't know why we hope that new years can make all the difference but I figure if you meet it half way, you are going in the right direction. Only you can make things happen for yourself and that nobody - not even god or angels come knocking at your doors offering you good luck and fortune. You have to attract it, positively - read The Secret and you will know what I mean by that!

I started by clearing out mine and Ellies old clothes today. That and books and stuff we no longer need. 7 bin liners later and a grateful "Help the Aged" charity shop later we are feeling so relieved and better in ourselves for making room for stuff we really want and need. Honest, I feel completely refreshed we did that today. Try it!!! (but does help when you have very little space for all the new stuff we got in the sales!)

Im going to update you with photos tomorrow of our lovely christmas..... plus a lovely project I made today for my hallway.


*reyanna klein* said...

It's true, isn't it?! We could "start over" or "change our lives" any time, but the start of the new year, for some reason, gives us a fresh outlook and motivation. Ah... whatever works. ;)

I'm approaching this next year with the same tenacity! It's OUR year! It will NOT be stolen. I WILL find peace and happiness. I WILL find and take time to relax. I WILL get a vacation! HA!

Can't wait to see what 2010 brings your beautiful family! Some good stuff! You deserve only good stuff! :D

Jan C. said...

There is something about the worst happening (job loss 3x in one year would be a healthy example!) that seems to free one up to stop worrying about it all so much and just get on with it. What you fear has happened and you've coped, so what's to stop you from going out and making the best happen for yourself as well. I'm with you, and I hope you have a much better year all around in 2010.

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise. Not so much doing it by book or video, but if you can find an inexpensive class of some sort, that is very motivating. I find yoga even once a week keeps me on an even keel and helps me stay healthy!

Anonymous said...

Never mind New Year - it's a New Decade - World Domination will be yours!! I wish you and your family all kinds of loveliness - Lord knows you deserve a break!

Scrappy Nina

sharon said...

Good luck in your new life, will you still be called Kirsty?, maybe you will look different and I maybe won't recognise you, if you maybe could give me a little sign?...a wink and maybe raise your LEFT hand to scratch your nose?

My new life starts NOW...(after stepping onto the Wii...I'm overweight with an age of 47)....I shall have my hair cut and dyed red with lips and nails to match, have my eyebrows and bodily hair waxed within an inch of it's life, dress in leotards and leg warmers just for the hell of it and sip on champagne cocktais while I try and craft for a living.

Aky said...

Am on a similar journey, so looks like the path to change is going to be a busy one - pack a picnic!!!
A x

hello gorgeous said...

Hi gorgeous, nicely put! I wish you all the hope and dreams you are thinking of too for you, ellie and mark and truly hope 2010 brings you a lot more pleasure and play than 2009.

Myself - I am just clinging to the hope of 2010.

Looking forward to your pics 'cause they are ALWAYS so inviting!

love, hugs and snogs

sue xx

Colette said...

I have read The Secret and what I do know is that whatever life throws at us, a positive outlook is the only way forward. It sets us up to deal better with the crappy side of life, and it definately rubs off on other people. I have seen this happen with my daughter, who has Down's Syndrome, if I am negative others are too but if I send out a positive vibe the doom and gloomers are knocked for six and have no choice but to join you or walk away. You always strike me as a really upbeat person and I know 2010 will be your year,

Best wishes to you and your lovely family,


Brook said...

Sometimes we all need a fresh Starr. Hugs and prayers sent for a less stressful new year! Belle deserves to have a healthy happy momma. You deserve sleep and well being! Cheers to you!

Kate said...

Aah yes there is something about a New Year! I have also started to do a clear out. Come back to me this time next year and I'll still be doing it! LOL

D@nielle said...

sweetie the balance will be in our lives for sure ! I too have been making plans to start the year on a different note, I do hope all your dreams will come true next year as you truly deserve it !!

Fluffy said...

"I'm going to sling out the old and welcome the new in the nake, if I have to ......heeeeeeeeee!!!!"

Hopefully not in a Yoga pose!!!

Tracee x

Deborah said...

On another note, I am inspired by yours and Ellie's clear-out session - me and my clutter are going to have a serious falling out now!