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4 Nov 2009

They exist!

On the way to school this morning we drove the usual way at the usual time ... just pootling along and minding our own business. I had to overtake an awkward parked car just off my street when I spied these little beasties!
Ellie was just besides herself and I thought I was hallucinating - these kind of toadstools surely only exist in Enid Blyton book illustrations etc etc.

So I came home, grabbed the dog for his morning walk and my camera and took some pics. I wasn't really aiming for an arty, stylised super duper picture as the floor was soggy. I had to kneel down in the wet grass and have my backside gracing its presence in front of neighbours who were twitching their curtains - I just wasn't going to faff with perfection on this occasion but was obv quite pleased with the results.
As for my rear end poking in the air, it was quite the sight, enough to put some of the residents off their cornflakes (if not choke on them).

I spent most of the day transferring data from my iMac to a ext hard drive (grrrr) in order I could make a clean exchange at the apple store tonight (hooray). You have got to love those dudes on the apple store, they literally break their backs in two to help and go beyond what is expected of them. The staff are always amenable, courteous and would chop their left arms off for you; should you have a fetish for left arms of course. Ellie got herself sat at the kids mac geek corner and allowed herself some free surf time whilst I waited for the staff to make the exchange. I had to splurge on a new mac book battery which has just died a powerless death after a 3 year battering which irked me - before flaming well Christmas :(

Not long after we left the store after being escorted to the door (as always - they never leave you at the till!) and we took a trip up to wagamammas to enlighten Marko. belle and I had been before so it was such a treat to take Mark somewhere exciting for a change. We loved our meals and enjoyed being us three out in public, doing normal stuff which is such a rarity!

Mark thought he might be able to hide behind his chop sticks, unlike me, I could hide behind just one

The girl, in her element as we were eating out (tres posh thing for us to do these days)

Me... focus, much - Ellie?

We came homes, went our separate ways to our little dens and I configured my new machine with love and filled with all the familiar programmes and features and photos that makes me get by in my working day. The dog got a thorough fussing for leaving him in the house for 2 hours and hot tea sedated our little jaunt followed by a jammy donut - slurps!

A lovely day in the Wiseman household; even if it has been raining really hard for most of it :)


Paula said...
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Paula said...

The mushrooms are 'fly agaric'- I know people cook these ect and use them for their 'hallucinogenic'qualities!

Suzi said...

i want some of those for my toadstool photo collection for fairy photos!! theres some brilliant toadstools here but i've not found those yet!

Rae said...

as far as I'm concerned thats the green light for believing in fairies, and santa, and...and.. and...

I knew it!!! Happy days! ;)

p.s. I dunno what it is, but there's something about sitcking your bum in the air that just always gets a better shot! ;)

~Kate~ said...

Hi Kirsty! I haven't been by in a while. I've been weening myself off my internet addiction. I need to go to internet rehab. ;)

Love the toadstools, they look like fairy tale pictures.

The Apple store is awesome. I was just there with my son on Sunday and they are so nice.

Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

i love your toadstool picture, i only thought they were real in fairyland so how amazing for you to see them and share your picture,
i'm not a blogger :-) but wanted to leave a comment hope thats ok ..your picture of your daughter washing up is cute :-)
from caroline