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2 Nov 2009

She washed the dishes

For a number of years my Belle, my lovely little girl of whom my heart aches for infinitely, occasionally dries the dishes. When she got home from school today she asked to do some jobs for me. Its not unusual for her to ask but she doesn't ask, like, everyday; more is the pity.

Well I was elbow deep in flour at the time making pastry so I asked if she would like to wash the dishes. She didn't even whine, she just rolled up her sleeves and dug in. Well that was it. I grabbed a cloth, de-floured my hands and grabbed my camera and loved watching the concentration in that tiny mites face. Its so hard to get pictures like this as she has problems with photo phobia so I not only had direct filtered light on her face from the window (it was a drab day here) but I also relied on ISO 1000 (yeeeek!) Im starting to appreciate the whole ISO thing and it can work provided you have metered correctly - they are still not sharp but they are so precious to me.

Look at those arms reaching over the sink top - I offered to get her a chair but she can't kneel (her muscles wont stretch enough to kneel) and then I offered for her to stand on a little platform but she was happy just reaching and the tongue - I love kids concentration tongues. I find it fascinating to see such concentration in a kids face regardless of the task.

The lips - those sugary lips. How I wonder where she got those from.

He heeee!
They were not washed brilliantly but who cares?


Katty Bell said...

Awww Bless.x little angel.

Anonymous said...

bless her lil curly head...please pack her in bubblewrap and send her on down here...she can stand on one of the dogs..(bad mummy,I am)
big curly-topped love to you all
Lulubelle x

Karen said...

Your daughter is beautiful, and I love reading your blogs, as the love for her is written all over your pages.

daydreamer said...

Hi Kirsty,
I am an avid (silent) follower of your fab blog,
And correct me if i'm wrong but, did you post some instrucyions on how to change your blog column sizes (to make 3 columns instead of 2) not long ago? I'm sure it was you! at the time i followed the instructions, & was really pleased with the result, but like an idiot i started playing around with my blog & i've cocked it up!
Please could you give me a link to your post again with the instructions on, i can't find the original post :-(
i will be eternally grateful :-)
Thanks Rachel x

Rosie (Freycob) said...

She's a true little poppet! Can't wait to meet her.

Houston said...

That last shot just tugs at the heart. What a great girl!