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16 Nov 2009


I am so glad that my parents come and visit me and don't expect a full on "oooooh, happy clappy - what can we entertain you with next?". No, they are happy to come and veg and chill out and do what we all like/want at everyone's agreed pace.
The boys cached and the girls shopped (at the Trafford Centre - it was heaving so much that I hated it). Wish I had the spare dough to go and buy Gok Wans new book as he was there, signing it in WH Smith. Bless his heart, he does make me laugh. The book store had cleverly concealed him so that the poor people (me, not buying his book) couldn't even get to take a cheeky picture of him.
Oh I almost forgot, I had my first Stampin Up party on Friday - it was such a good night. The social side was lots of fun and the demonstration was thoroughly enjoyed by all. This is one of my samples - simples....eeeeek! My last Stampin Up party will be 27th Nov at my sisters house. Man, Im not much one for the long haul am I? LOL. Working agreements and contracts means that I can't give Stampin Up what it needs (and to be fair, they can't give me what I need either) so I am taking on other freelance ventures pretty much guilt free. Watch this space!

On Sunday I refuse to get dressed. I had been busy so much last week that I truly needed the "no bra, messy hair and non make upped face" relief. I know you can identify with that! We hung about at home whilst the boys cached (again - yawn) and prepared a lucious sunday roast.

Snapshots from my day:
Moi, in my cosy pink flannelet pidgies

Hubs and the boy - Eddy tries to show his affection towards Mark but its me he REALLY loves
My mum, crocheting me a rather trendy scarf....I love that she loves crochet more than me. And Belle, surfing........she is a google queen

My small yet humble table, set for dinner. I love it when its laid out. We are not posh in this house but getting together for such simple pleasures is a thrill for me.

I actually thought our weekend was somewhat perfect especially as it climaxed with the X Factor results and Im a Celebrity - get me out of here!

Finally, this is my latest "Keep calm" postcards for my etsy shop. Seriously one for the girls ;)
Ha haaaaa!


Lynda said...

Hi Kirsty - just catching up - everything looks good except for the Stampin Up shackles. I really don't understand this company at all - they are really acting like mini dictators in my opinion. These blog's belong to us not them and how can they be so narrow minded as to think that the only product we want to use is theirs. It's so sad that enthusiastic people like yourself are having to pack in with this company because of their monopolising views. Am so sorry to get on my soapbox here but I just think it's very mean. You don't have to show this comment either if you don't want to. Can't wait to see what your new ventures are though! You go girl.

Love Lynda xxx

Sarah said...

I love the stampin up samples Kirsty! I keep looking at this set in the catalogue so will defo go and order it now! Thought about becoming a demonstrator as I too am in love with the stuff! Bit scared to now! I think I will just buy the stuff instead! Looks like you had a snuggly weekend too!

Hannah said...

I love you latest addition to the Keep Calm Range my lovely! :) I love veggie weekends too! Muchlvoe to all of you
Hannah x

Houston said...

LOVE that post card, too cute! Miss chatting with you sweets, let's make a time.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Love that poster chick! A true one for the divorce courts LOL xx

greyparrot said...

You SHOULD have bought the book! I was lucky enough to schmooze with Gok a couple of months ago and he is an absolute poppet, his skin is flawless, not a hair out of place, perfectly groomed...*sigh*
Love the card too!

Sandie said...

Hi Kirsty!

I TOTALLY agree with Lynda.. SU is getting a bit above themselves me thinks! You're the 3rd person I know of who's left/leaving.

Well it's their loss because I know you make a GREAT demonstator!!