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23 Nov 2009

A proper grown up post

Will arrive here one day soon.
In the meantime we have Tiramisu fawn tint and Violet cream lilac tinted lip slicks on the boil (in limited edition tins! How non plastic and green am I getting?). Will add to the shop tomorrow (hoping my mince pie oil arrives tomorrow plus my key lime pie and peachy keen too).

Also the postcards are in but I have so many orders in reserve Im not sure how many I have left for the shop (I got them professionally litho printed for extra professionality).
I made a layout.....can you believe it? Anyone would think I scrapbooked.

Am now off to watch twilight after making my eyes bleed from reading the damn book in the space of 6 hours, in spats, over the weekend.

Team Edward!!! - obv I'm bound to say that as Jacob only makes a three second appearance in Twilight. Will hold that thought until I read New Moon. Oh and that Belle girl ought to lighten up. Id have played her part much better part in the book (I don't fall over as much as she does, clumsy clut)
**edited, Ive just been told by one of my twitter followers that "clut" is slang for someone who is both clumsy and a slut - WTF? Me and my girl say it all the time........ I refuse to believe it.


Lol said...

The Twilight film is good but the books are so much better. So in love with Edward, and then you read New Moon and fall for Jacob!
Still waiting to see New Moon but Hubby isn't too keen! (Too girly)
Hope you enjoy it.

Hugs Lol xxx

Mooneybeams said...

Hmmm, how about clumsy clot instead? I.e. both clumsy and not very clever. . . Not a fan of Twilight (books or films) myself, but they aren't half popular!

Kerry said...

Jacob will steal your heart when you read New Moon.

I say clut all the time. Never even thought of it having a different meaning. Strange what the youngsters do to the words these days. I said something the other day and my kids looked at me with open mouths. Can't remember what it was but it certainly wasn't rude.

Taniwha said...

I made my friend laugh while watching Twilight. Bella was walking out her front door and I said something like 'this movie is stupid, she's not even clumsy' and she promplty fell over on screen! I think I'm team Jacob. Edward is just too pale for me, far too much makeup on in the movie. I know he's a vampire and meant to be pale and all that but man, he's TOO pale! And what about when Carlise walks on screen the first time, you're just like dude, get a spray tan already!

Angela W said...

Love the books! New Moon movie is awesome! Jacob is such a great friend, Edward is so mysterious! Team Edward for me too! I want some of your gloss!!

Zoe said...

Haven't seen the films but have just finished reading New Moon - just as good as Twilight! x

Linda said...

To comment on your last post. Of course he thinks he's human. He's a doxie. LOL...seriously, I have one and she is just like that. She's a kick.

Cazzy said...

Are you sure you scrapbook? I thought I had entered another dimension, all lip stuff and no stash!

Cazzy x

Sam said...

wait til you see New Moon Kirsty - I changed over to Team Jacob as soon as I saw it!!