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7 Nov 2009

Mad few days

These days Im either sedate, doing nothing and wishing I was busy
I am maxed out, doing everything and wishing I was sedate if not comotosed.

Thursday night Nikki and I drove to the NEC to stay overnight in a lovely hotel. Only the journey (normally 1.5 hours) took 3 and when we got there the hotel didn't offer free parking instead offering us a £20 charge for an over nighter. The hotel was boiling hot and the settee bed I stayed in broke (the slats fell out and snot snapped in half - I hasten to add). This was highly amusing to Nikki who videoed the whole thing and if it turns up on YouTube....she will be killed.

Clearly these comedy of errors set us up for a great day at the NEC and it was. I met friends new and old, did a little business (as you do), scoffed cafe junk, gained swollen ankles, bought wondrous things and came home. All the way having fun with Nikki who has the same shopping fetishes as I. Oh and we did put the world to right again seeing as it took another 3 hours to get home in Friday traffic.

Today I did a lovely photoshoot at the other side of Manchester but I can't put the pics up as the mother of the girl that had the pics taken reads my blog - obv I dont want to give the game away but all I will say is..... ADORABLE. I will have to share the pics after crimbo!

I feel such a fraud not adding pictures of anything of remotely NEC, broken beddish or hellish car journeys. Instead I shall share this picture I found on my camera that I took a few weeks back on the way to Harrogate. This is dawn over a field near where I live. It was bladdy freezing and not that inviting to want to have to stop and take a picture but the sky was amazing.

Im off to bed and dream that Lloyd or Danyl gets the boot from X factor tomorrow. I love Lloyd but he just can't sing as good as the rest. Still not loving Danyl in these rounds....booo!


Nikky Hall said...

Better be nice to me in footure then hadn't ya or who knowwws when that tasty little vid might appear!! mwwaaahahaha! if you're short of pics I can always send you a snapshot from the vid, there was a rather fetching shot of 2 buttocks in pj's if I remember rightly!!;D

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Ooo you really need to share that vid. All our imaginations are running away with us and we needs to see the true events.

Glad you had a good time. We missed the outside traffic on Sat, but traffic on the inside, well multiple pile-ups and traffic was at a standstill at times. Never again on a saturday, ever ever ever

Luv Dee xxx