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17 Nov 2009

Lip slicks are back!

Ive made so many of these over the last few weeks (150 today!), some selling before they even make the etsy shop and some aside for a christmas fair that I am doing next week (400 in total!)I get so excited with these because they are so calming and relaxing to make. Each ingredient is painstakingly combined together so that I adhere to the certification I was granted for my formula. My lip slicks contain natural ingredients in varying quantities of beeswax and natural butters, vitamins and flavour/essential oils and I am very very proud of them. I designed the packaging myself which makes me smile from ear to ear ... look -> :)

And now I have cosmetic grade lip tints and mica powder sheens (with certification) to add in into two of my mixtures and with that I have not amassed the following flavours:

Fawn tint in Lemon Bomb
Rose tint in Mint Ice
Pineapple and Coconut
Cherry Rose - my returning customers absolute favourite
Honey and Lemon
Chocky Toffee Apple

Next week (after my new oils arrive) I will have a limited edition Mince Pie flavour as well as St Clements and possibly a Cinnamon Burn. Can you believe I was asked to make a black lip balm? - I mean, would anyone really buy that? Can make it for all the goths/moshers/emo's/witches/vampires out there ;)

Im going to add some to Etsy (people who dont follow my blog won't find them here) and add some on here 18th Nov (to save on Etsy fees, which can be extortionate). Come and grab ye a bargain for stocking stuffer prices. All lip slicks are individually batch coded with an 18 month shelf life so you know you are buying a certified product.

Oh my house does smell nice, heeeeeeeeeee!


Carol said...

aaah, i'm at work today!!!, will try and keep a check to see when they appear :)

Michelle said...

Yumm - will be buying these for gifts, so will look for the update on your blog... Thanks Kirsty!!

Sandie said...

It's the 18th... where are they?????


Bekka said...

I need to find them too ....

Carol said...

hellloeeeyeyyyyy :) still looking :)

Kirsty Wiseman said...

guys! Im on a photo deadline frantically getting these images processed and labels finalised....prom they will be here by today sometime. PROM xx

Carol said...

Hun - i'm teasing you LOL it's all V exciting :)

Shazza said...

they look fab Kirsty and sound delicious

Shazza said...

how do I follow your blog , I cannot see any link?

Mandy said...

I'm glad to see that someone else loves the stampin up products, everything just goes together if you are having a empty head day.
Love your ideas
mandy moo

Susan said...

Where abouts are you doing the craft fair Kirsty?

Vera said...

do you sell these online?