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10 Nov 2009

its been a while

.......since I made something.
I have been so busy with behind the scene stuff that I forget that sometimes I am allowed to please myself. Do you ever get like that? Im most happiest when other people are having a good time. I admit it - Im a people pleaser. Anyone that knows me will know that. I go with the flow, I usually do what other people want to do and as long as everyone is having fun then I really don't mind.
But seriously and only sometimes I forget to do things for myself. Like take a selfishly long bath or go and watch a bit of TV during the day or make myself a proper cooked lunch. This also includes making a layout "just because".
For the last few years I have made layouts on DT's because I had products and deadline. Now thats all gone I feel completely bereft but also relieved that the pressure is off. Or do I? No. The motivation has jumped in the drain and washed out to sea.... its completely vanished. Vamoosh, scram and left in a trail of blaze. I have made nothing for the past two weeks and its making me feel really really low.
So yesterday, after making sneaks for PACS Italy

(are you coming to that - you really should.... info for PACs is HERE and is now open for with easy jet are dead cheap!)) I also made this. I used some stampin' up card, stamps and ribbon along with a test tube that I filled with French Lavender - kind of like a gift card. I don't have the scallop punch so for effect I punched out a few little circles, snipped them in half and made a fake punched scallop edge!

Quite pleased with it actually. Im going to make up some more samples for my first Stampin Up party on Friday and make way for a few more SU parties in 2 weeks or so. I am in love with Stampin Up products but Im struggling with their restrictions on their terms of service. I don't think I can do it for much longer but here is holding out for the time Im with them as their inks have my heart.


Anonymous said...

Oh those sneaks look divine! And that card too, are they all SU products? Looking closely, they sure look it. I know what you mean about restrictions for the new system they have, it's what is preventing me from signing the new IDA so I have to give it up. Shame, really. Oh and like you, I love the inks.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Kirsty. I am not willing to sign the IDA either so am giving up too, but their products sure are lovely. It's a real shame.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kirsty!! That is some IDA!! You would have been so great for the company!! First time I've ever mused over their products after seeing them on your blog - but please don't feel tempted to sell your soul to them! Maybe someone living in the 21st Century will have a word and all will be well again - that is one very gorgeous card!! I wonder why they don't believe their products will stand to be seen alongside anyone elses? Their stuff looks properly gorgeous to me!

Lol said...

I love your creations so I've left a little gift for you on my blog

Hugs Lol xxx

Sally said...

I am loving that lavender card. It's fab.
I have heard that SU have lots of restrictions, including not working for other companies. Not sure that is even legal over here tbh. The whole idea of being self employed is that you are able to work for 'lots' of different companies/people.
When we employed self employed people in our business, if we wanted someone to work just for us (100%), then we had to put them on the books, PAYE. It defeats the whole object of self employment otherwise. It also has a lot of legal issues, eg. companies would take on people on a self employed basis purely to save having to pay N.I. and tax for them.
In this Country being self employed means you are free to work for whoever you want.

Linby said...

love this - how very ingeneous of you to make that scalloped edge you must have the patience of a saint!

Anonymous said...

Teeeeeeeell me about it! Their new business plan caused a riot here in the US. I just don't get how a company can be so arrogant as to dictate what you can and can't do with so very little return for your efforts.
Cute card!

Linda said...

Love the lavender - really nice touch ;-)

Purely Stamping

Anonymous said...

i refused to sign the new IDA as well, on principal more than anything! i was surprised to hear you had signed up. i'm sure you will enjoy scrapping for yourself again.

Jo Austin said...

Kirsty, the SU products look fab! I might be a minority here, but have signed the IDA and don't have any problems with it, can totally understand their point of view - in so much as when I demo for Docrafts, I can't use anyone elses products, which is fair. There was alot of confusion over it, but I think things are settling down a bit now.

Jo xxx

katie squirrel x said...

Gorgeous card Kirsty - I love the idea of lavender in the tube and the card is lovely.

Sorry but I am lost on the IDA - guess its something to do with SU only wanting you to work for them or something...... bit silly of them really if it is, as their products are lovely but they will lose so many demonstrators and therefore buyers...

Shazza said...

this is gorgeous, great idea too