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20 Nov 2009

Is he human?

I think he thinks he is.
He sits up.

He lays his head on my pillow when Im in bed (he sleeps next to me)
He snores like Mark,
He knows when Im not well (obv he was a doctor in a previous life).
He tells me when he needs his dinner/walk.

Love this little dude more than Basic Grey - you know, thats a LOT.


Angela2932 said...

I just saw your "Keep calm and dump him" poster and am stilling laughing. So's my husband! :)

Patricia8 said...

You have to read "the Art of Racing in the Rain" ... a MUST for a dog lover ...

Jo Austin said...

oooh Kirsteee..

Me un me sizter Holls and Trulee reeeealy lubs yur lickle dumplin doggy. He's luvly.

Luv frum Scoobs, Holleeee and Trules.... and me mum, Jo x

Sasha said...

awww he is too cute

stephanie howell said...


Lizzie said...

Wow,that is a lot! He is sweet though!

Notice of an Award!

Kirsty I wanted you to know that I included you in a list of 7 people to whom I passed on the Kreative Blogging award on my blog.

If you visit my post here (and scroll down a little - sorry!), you can copy the piccie and stuff for your blog.

Best wishes,


sarah copeland said...

I'm sure my springer thinks she is human too. Probably because she is spoilt rotten! Eddy is so beautiful :)

Deborah said...

Eddy is just gorgeous! It's time he had his own blog / Twitter account :-)

Houston said...

Dachs are the bestest people!

Angela W said...

So very cute!

Helena said...

He is soooo gorgeous, isn't he???

In a magazine I was flicking through recently I caught sight of the back of a wee brown doggy's head. I thought, "OH! This must be a Kirsty Wiseman article!" and I opened up the mag properly... sure enough, there was your name, up in the opposite corner. So- LOL!- I recognised you by the back of Eddy's head. Howzat? I'm not sure whether that means YOU'RE famous or Eddy is... =)

Treated myself to Crafts Beautiful today. Thought I'd give the freebie Wallace & Gromit stuff to my God-daughter- I'm putting together a little craft box for her for Xmas. Your freebie papers were an unexpected bonus!!!