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19 Nov 2009


Man I had to really jig my lip slick blog about - I didnt want it to look like a blog and now it does not! I don't want to put these on Etsy yet as their charges are exstorsh and I didn't want to put on my website because well, lets just say that since I went fully mac, I cant edit it! LOL

Fear not you can now buy lickably lickable lip slicks to your hearts content
(well, until they run out) over
click on the audio button when you get there and hear Ellie in all her munchkiness


cla16e said...

I'd love some but it won't let me enter the site?????? not sure if its me or not though.xx

Lisa Hemmings said...

Hmmm.. lovely.

I can add them to my cart but can't find where to check out?
Sorry xx

Carol said...

Hi Hun - just sent you an email. I dont think the paypal button is working :)


JB said...

same for me....I click add to cart and nothing then happens! would hate to miss out as they make a nice xmas gift for my girlie friends.

Tracie H said...

:( me too! I wanted to get some for my pals for crimbo pressies :(

Tracie H said...

:D tis working now :D

Claire Crompton said...

It was a hard decision which ones to pick. They all sound scrummy. Keep up the good work.


JB said...

hooray i've got my order in, now looking forward to a good lip slickin nice tastin experience!