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25 Nov 2009


Still a tiny speck of a girl full of hope and possibility and yet with so many things preventing her from becoming the peer group level of acceptance.
What these jerky kids don't see is the huge heart she carries around on her shoulders everyday - people are blind judges of character, that's what they are.

So Wednesday is her sleep in day as she doesn't do PE. How cool was it that it landed on her birthday? I gave her the birthday crap breakfast - a chocolate pudding and a chocolate bar (with her milk and food supplement and don't fret - she had a healthy lunch!) She was in heaven. She got a wad load of cash and gifts for her birthday.....her little face was a picture but obv not a photo because her eyes were shut on every photo!

We went to the opticians after school. I tell you what, it pays to go to private opticians. They give you so much care and attention. The optician suggested Ellie have a colour dyslexia test and from what she was saying, I gathered it might just be a really good idea. Unfortch we have to pay out big wads for it but I think she is on to something with Ellie. She is so patient with her and suggested lots of cool styles for her little nose and eyes. Ellie chose the most amazing pair of glasses, totally rad and "out there". They make her look so grown up - I was surprised! I can't wait to share them with you when they come back next week.

For tea we went out with nanny, pops and our gang to Frankie and Benny's. Her birthdays are just not a birthday without a trip to her fave place of celebration. Then we came home for coffee and cake (hhhhmmmm, cake) and a quick wizz on the Wii.

Simple pleasures (coffee and choc cake made by nanna)

Me, in 3 years time :(
The night was rounded off with a DVD in the dark (so it felt like the cinema) and that, my friends, is how my girl loved her birthday. She didn't ask for much neither, not bad when she has only requested £10 and a box of maltesers for Christmas. Now how many 14 year olds do you know that wants such pitiful things?!!!

I say, marks hands are as steady as a rock........not much

Happy Birthday my darling girl........ and although I worry about how dinky doo and tiny and fragile and innocent you are, Im going to hang on to that for as long as you let me.

**Mince pie lip slicks are in the house as well as Amaretto**
....go git!


Bettyann said...

She is such a love..everyone looks so happy and in elementary and high school sucks..then you find your real friends...take care..

kirsticoo said...

Aaw Happy Birthday to Ellie... she looks soo happy and so do you... take care... Kirsti x

Jet said...

Happy Birthday to Ellie, so glad she had such a wonderful day and she looks so very happy!!!

Sharon Speakman said...

Omg 14!!! Lushous big hugs to Ellie on your birthday yesterday. Speak soon. Shazza x x x

Zoe said...

Sounds like she had a wonderful day and I might just have to borrow that chocolate breakkie tradition!! :)

Emma - A crazy crafter said...

Bless her. What a tiny amount that she wants for Chrissymus. My niece (10 and still not sure of the value of money) was playing on my macbook pro the other night and asked for one for Chrissymus, I nearly fell off my chair!!!! Emma xx

cannycrafter said...

Happy birthday Belle! xx

Brodders said...

Happy 14th Birthday Ellie xxx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely 14 year old. Mine only wants three things for Christmas - an i-phone, a years subs to a magazine and a BB gun!!

Anonymous said...

Hsppy hsppy birthday Ellie! Many hugs to you!!
Beth Ann

~Kate~ said...

Happy Birthday gorgoeus curly girl. Big hugs and smooches!!

Lizzie said...

Rather belated, but Happy Birthday, Ellie!
She's just the most gorgeous... I am glad she (and you) had a great time!
I'll be back to check out the new glasses - has she gone for the librarian look? or the preppy student? hee hee!
Off to look at the new lipslicks!
Best wishes to you all

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Sad that Mum i saying your disabilities or conditions prevent you from being accepted by your peer group. Peer groups accept people and so perhaps new groups or interests will help as you continue to grow and start to enjoy life with no pressure on adapting due to your limnitations to please others and learning the world will accet you as you are. Good luck young lady a you enjoy lfie to the full regardless of other people and how they react to you. There are some very cruel people in the world and many hie behind sheeps clothing pretending to be nice until it doesn't suit them! Rest assured they are not worth the time of day and they think they are so special and their kids are so special etc! Well do you know what you will be more precious and special than they will ever know.....don't worry about them as they have a lot of growing up to do and their so say perfect clever idealistic kids will one day do something to show them they are human too! Enjoy being 14 and enjoy it more than the snobs and little miss perfects around the world will ever know!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy 14th Birthday Ellie. I feel like I know you so well by reading your mom post. I love watching you grow and change every year. My sweet girl turned 3, I can't imagine her at 14!


SueF said...

Just seen your Keep Calm & Carry On Postcard on the British Gas advert - are you following them or are they following you ;-)

Cazzy said...

Happy Birthday Ellie, another year a teenager, enjoy it.

Cazzy x