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5 Nov 2009

Final Clear out

I don't know how many times I have had a clear out in my craft room but this time I have been ruthless to the point of being sadist.
So in light of said clear out, next week I am going to be holding a grand sale of items (on this blog) that I have BARELY used such as a craft robo, copic pens (never been swiped), zig pens, alcohol inks, mini books, albums and craft totes. I figure if I sell them I can start investing in things that really appeal to me right now and that's experiences. I love days out with my girl and I love going to workshops and buying tutorials .... feeding the soul with input is far less stressful than a room full of stuff that I no longer have time to use. Ive invested in some quality Stampin Up supplies which is more than sufficient for my new purchases desire - I hope you might find something in the sale you can make use off.
So yesterday.
Ug! I had to be brutal in deciding what to sling and where to re-house my favourite craft supplies. So to get my head out of the turmoil I took the boy for a deliciously long walk. There had been a torrential downpour the previous night and the parks pathways were washed away and streaming with rainwater from the hills. All the leaves have practically disappeared and everything looks murky brown and yuk. I took my camera out with me in hopes of finding more little toady stools like I did yest but no. The boy didn't have much to sniff as it had all been diluted in the downpour so it was hardly worth the walk but the little chubster needed the exercise (me, not the dog... LOL). I came across some odd points in the walk that made me think "oooh, serene" and one point that made me gasp like this tree that seems as if it were a burning torch

Twisted trunks so stark now compared to being well hidden by their summer leafy dress

I love the shock of green poking through the dark stretches of branches

My favourite little footbridge - its entrance is so inviting whatever time of year

More leafy lanes and muddy puddles await

When I got back to the car eddy was sodden (is that a real word?). I had to towel dry him both in the car and at home. He has been such a lovely companion of late; I just love that little pork sizzling sausage so much. He went off for a 5 hour nap whilst I carried on sorting and rehousing and re purposing the whole of my supplies and its what, almost 7 hours of progress and Im still in a pickle.

Well that's me, me old fruit. Im going to the Birmingham tonight with Nikki and we are staying over in a posh hotel before pounding the floors of the NEC in search of inspiration. I have a meeting planned with a company for some design work which is going to be fun but other than that I shall be on the look out for something relatively small as there is no flaming room left here at this old house.


Jo Austin said...

hi lovely.. how much are you wanting for the craft robo? swap ya for oooooodles/a case full of parchment craft cd's.. lol..

only kidding, let me know how much. xx

Anne said...

I know when I get to the point that I feel overwhelmed with STUFF, it makes it much harder to find any creativity at all. Hope you feel better for getting rid of some of it. Your walk looks divine - I would so so love a doggie for just that reason.

Mandy said...

Beautiful photos! Hope your having a lovely evening.Hugs.

daydreamer said...

Oooh, i'd like some mini albums!
Will be stalking your blog in anticpation!! Not that i need anymore stash no no! could do with a good clearout myself :-)

kirsticoo said...

Oh yes I will be stalking tooooo... sounds like a great idea but I don't know if I could be that

Katy said...

ahahaha bless having a clear out always helps me, il be having a look to, not like i need more stash but of course somethings you just cant resist!

Much Love Katy xxxx

cannycrafter said...

Will definately be watching out for some goodies!! I don't know how you can part with it!!

Houston said...

Sausage-y dogs are the bestest! Enjoy your trip and thank you for sharing those beautiful photos!

Diane said...

gorgeous photos.. Love them!

Ed said...

Please let me know how much you want for the copics Kirsty? Can pay by Paypal..