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9 Nov 2009

4 All Blacks v 1 English Rose

There are many photographer friends of mine who carry out shoots, come home and put one or two key photos from the shoot on their blogs.
I just cant do it.
I fall in love with too many of them to pick just one winner plus I would hate for you to miss out on all the fun........ I like to think im providing you all with a little service (lol!)

Today I met Michelle, Scott, Eime and Kate who are ex pats of New Zealand. Whether you are sore from getting stuffed from the Kiwis and All Blacks on Saturday or not - you can't deny that the Haka style warriors mean no harm and are as friendly as this wonderful family. They were all equally fun in their own measures but then there was Little Kate provided the days entertainment with "love you one minute, run away the next". Little Kate who called me Dusty instead of Kirsty and Little Kate who wanted to hold my hand for parts of the day and the Little Kate who jumped in the muddiest puddles and splattered us all with designer patterns on our trousers!
We had a marvellous time at Rosliston Park in the New Forest today - perfect Autumn weather for a good old hike around the park with the leafiest leaves and the muddiest puddles ever. Couple that with fantastic kids and a delightful set of parents and you got a day out to remember for a long time to come; if only for me, at least!

Click on the pictures to enlarge :)

Here is Kate - bursting in on the scene with her amazing, infectious laughter

A little dolly, no?

Eime and her Mum, Michelle

Scott and Michelle smooch a little....swit swoo

Im in love with this vintage finish. I dont like to faff too much with photoshop but the light screamed for this finish. Kate was a twirling princess inside a twig house

Eime, I swear, will break some serious hearts some day soon

In the twig house, again, I love the look on Kates face - she is an absolute diamond

Hmmm - she or isnt she?

Gah - yes she is!

3 Kiwis sitting on a fence........

I love this picture

But not as much as I love this picture

I love this story board - click on it to view it properly
I took over 300 pictures today - I don't think these even scratch the surface. Phew....I am whacked after today but it truly was worth the travel.

These shots were taken for Christmas cards in mind which leaves me to say if you want some piccies taking between now and December I only have weekdays left now and I am willing to travel. Email me HERE if you are interested in some good old family fun piccies x


Tracie H said...

Michelle and her adorable family are the nicest bunch of people Ive ever met and you did them amazing justice by taking such wonderful photographs that capture their characters so well.

Rach said...

WOW, beautiful photos, and stunning girls! I can't believe that puddle! eeeek! LOL

Sue Abbott said...

Aw Kirsty, you are so multi talented. The photo's are just ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! They must be so happy with them. x

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Well I for one am very grateful that you put more than one or two photos. You capture so much real life and emotion in your pictures. They're truly inspirational.

And if you have to come right down here and need a bed, you just need to say you're on your way.

Luv Dee xxx

Houston said...

Darn, I totally need to get over there and have you take some amazing photos for me! Every one of those shots is fantastic! What a cute family.

kirsticoo said...

These are stunning photoraohs Kirsty... Just wish you lived closer to we missed ours this year due to other commitments with two of the kids...take care Kirsti x

Linda said...

Love the motion capture in the mud picture!

Purely Stamping

Queen of Paper said...

I think the most photos I've taken on a photo shoot, was over 1,700 lol
It was a wedding.

CUTE photos :) love the B&Ws!