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11 Oct 2009

Good end to a ploppy week

Wow - I have not been on the Mac for 2 days...its weird. Generally I read every email, everyday and I blog hop, bank, tweet, chat, research, download, upload and everything.....every day. Like, ev. ery. day.

Saturday was spent at Port Sunlight at the Happy Stampers show - wow, like literally millions of stamps under one roof. Im not much of a stamper but I was incredibly inspired by what I saw. I even saw my new stamps that I designed through Personal Impressions. I hadn't even seen them in real life until now. I was skipping a little happy dance. I bought some Copic markers that I promised I wouldn't start collecting but they are so good - too good to even pretend they even exist. Hmm SO GOOD to have started that off !!!???. I got myself a few stamps (of course), grunge paper, Tim Holt's metal things, a new Martha punch (a birdy one, which I LOVE) plus other sundries and top ups of general craft stuff. Most importantly I spent the day with my friend Jane and her two crazy kids. And because the place was heaving and I mean to the point of it being very uncomfortable, we took it in turns to take the girls out to the surrounding area for nice walks and a bit of fun.

I only took my little Canon ixus point and shoot which is pretty naff but I managed to get some pics of the girls as we faffed about in the leaves. I love spending my time with kids because I find their happiness so infectious. It truly dies rub off on to you and is the best type of epidemic there is on this planet. This is not a bad image considering the Ixus is literally the size of your fist. Its all in automatic so you pray for a good output and I think I like the instant result! I do wish I had of brought my 5D but its such a pain to carry round at a non official shoot.

And I couldn't resist slipping in a picture of the red berries against its turning leaves too. I so LOVE autumn.Whilst I was there, Jane presented me with another bag from her ever growing and ever successful line of baggery. I will share you a proper picture of that in a day or two because it deserves a blog post of its own.......I promise you will want to buy one or 5. Sadly, before long, it was time to come home. Which in a way was also quite FABULOUS because my sister had arrived with her kids.

I got through the door and no sooner dropped my bags on the table and hugged my sister did I spy a package for little old me on the kitchen counter. I had no idea what it was as I hadn't ordered anything this week (well I have but its one of those crazy ebay items that is coming from Hong friggin Kong). Hmmmmmm?!!! I was tres intrigued. Now, before I tell you what it was, I have to mention something that ties this story up lovely a bit further on. Whenever my niece, Charlotte comes to my house she goes into her favourite rooms of my house and looks for things that are familiar. Its how she associates her visits. The last time she came I had some brownies in my treat corner of the kitchen and when she came in my house last night, she went straight to the treat corner and looked at the empty space and muttered to my sister "Oh, no brownies" and slinked off in a little sulk. Well, I don't get brownies very often as they are literally a very selfish, luxurious and morbidly self indulgent treat. And I mean I have only had them 3 times! I certainly don't bake them as I am a rubbish brownie maker because the world best brownie maker accolade goes to Kate at Gower Cottage Brownies.

So anyway I unwrapped this box and inside was........omg........a box of brownies sent from the very woman herself. Kate at Gower Cottage brownies has award winning yummies in every style of stodge (gluten free, dairy free, nut free, nuts added) and I am not kidding you they are PERFECT. Like I have mentioned on my blog before and to Kate herself I used to REALLY hate brownies - that was until Dee Paramour sent me a box as a gift a while back and ever since then I save up to treat myself to a box because nobody could ever match how bloody gorgeous they are.
I am talking biting into a slight crispy outer to a fudgie, rich chockoly middley bit that literally has you frothing at the mouth from delectibility.

However the Brownies, this time, were a gift from Kate as she and I follow each other on twitter and she had read that I had experienced a pretty tough week. Well both my sister and I cried when i realised what was in the package. She cried because Charlotte clearly had a strikingly fruitful premonition and I cried because I seriously can not believe how generous and thoughtful people can be. REALLY. We both stood there and wept. AMAZING emotions of happy tears is my favourite ever emotion..... I promise you that. As you can imagine my husband was stood staring at us both not sure whether to laugh or do the bloke thing and roll his eyes so forcibly that they may even pop out of his head so that the dog might just gobble them up in a second or two off the floor. Dear Kate, thank you so so much (insert burps and licky lips here)

My weekend didn't stop there but I am too tired to blog more so I will do that tomorrow. I have a new blog layout tomorrow, just to spruce up in time for a whole load of interesting things coming this way. I did an awful lot of thinking last week, when I was in a depressed mummy kind of state and instead of moping and sulking about the yak in my life I am turning over a few new leaves, seeing as there are gazillions of them to turn over right now :)

Hugs and kisses x


Savannah Brentnall said...

I'm SOO jealous! I went to their website, but they don't ship to the US. Maybe I'll have some shipped to my mum in Norfolk and have her send them to me. Yum!

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Jealous is an understatement of how I'm feeling reading your post. The saliver is gathering in my mouth and threatening to overspill the lips. Just thinking about that taste is almost overwelming. And I only had some a couple of weeks ago. Me thinks Kate slips some sort of drug in them that gets you addicted after the first bite!

Boy you've gone and done it with the copics now, you won't be satisfied till you have the whole blummin lot, believe me. I have the whole set, well minus one cos one set had a wrong pen it it, grrrrrrr. I love them, just looking at them makes me feel all warm inside, HeeHee.

Luv Dee xxx

Kate said...

Just had a ook on PI at some of your stamps, the Holly Christmas looks great.

When you order crazy things on ebay from Hong Kong so they actually arrive??

** Kate **

Anonymous said...

Dear Kirsty. You know how you love little clips from Youtube...? Well I saw this one the other day and thought "Kirsty would love this" Hope you haven't seen it yet. Enjoy !!!

Sasha Holloway said...

mmm love the look of those .. maybe when we get there I can try some .. where are you at or shall I say how far "from" the military base Mildenhall/Lakenheath are you .. I will be stationed there for 4 yrs. . I joined the UKScrappers site .. so I am looking forward to that ..

Copics .. are the bomb ..try them with shimmerz .. "sigh"


hello gorgeous said...

omg! I was watching breakfast a few days ago and they had a piece on there about the postal strike, the anchor was doing an outside broadcast at a small business and everytime he spoke he held up a brownie, of course when they interviewed the women they captioned her "small business owner" - since the advent of the internet I like to google things when I see them but got frustrated this time - so back to today and reading your post, nodding and shaking my head in all the right places, smiling at the lush fun filled pics and then....wait....that box looks like the one I saw on breakfast the other day! well what d'ya's only the same blinking lady...ha! Now I've seen her site I want a BROWNIE!!!!!!

m..m..mmmmmmmmm :o))

Sandie said...

oooh, you've delved into the world of copics and there is no escape!! Second morgages will be sought to ensure you posess all 334 colours!! bwahahahahaha!!

Those brownies look awesome.. wanna share the love?? :P

Dawny P said...

How the chuffin chuff did I miss you on Saturday??? I was demoing for most of it but I did manage to get round a bit during lunch. Where were you chick? xxx


What beautiful girls!!!

wonder who is their Mum.....

oh that will be me then!!!

Love the pics, need them and have to have them!!!!

I had a fab day

thanks t you hun
Lisa T