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6 Oct 2009

window shopping

m in love with this. I dont think Id wear it, I just love it
And this lil beauty here......if only i had the patience to crochet one of these
Thats all from me, still wallowing in despair.
Normal service will resume shortly xx


cla16e said...

oooh huni, don't wallow. Your such a strong brave lady & i'm sure you're an insipiration to a lot of people who read your blog. x
If only we could be like worzel gummage & swap our heads for a different one when things don't go right.
I'm sure you'll soon resume to your normal cheery self...... can't wait.
(((((HUGS))))) to you & your beautiful family.x

Scrapping4fun said...

Saw these and thought of you! -

criag said...

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Anonymous said...

Big hugs and you and your family are in my thoughts, send you a mail with a link to a amazing video for hope and faith.

Henriƫtte KB

Houston said...

Oh love, you are in my prayers and I think of you each day. I hope to catch you for a chat soon, but until then know that I am reaching all the way over there to hug you.