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2 Oct 2009

The weekend - at last

This week has whipped by so fast that before I know it, it will be Monday and Monday is going to be a very hopeful day.

Ellie has a follow up appointment to the Scoliosis diagnosis in which they will take an xray of her back and compare it to the xray they took in May. Now, Im no qualified doctor but even I know the curve has gone more rounded. When Ellie stands in front of me with her back to me I have noticed greatly how her left shoulder and right hip are both pronounced and raised. Her curve shifts to the left but strangely the curve is more a ligament curve than the spine itself. Its bizarre.
As you can imagine I have a million question to ask but only 10 minutes of precious time with the doctor to ask them. Im sick of only getting to ask 4 or 5 before we are shifted out of his surgery and having to wait 6/9/12 months before we can see him again. SICK TO DEATH.

Additional to the questions on scoliosis I have the issue of Vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis which materialised to us in letter form and not in consultation. Plus Ellie has a habit of holding her wrists in an ugly curved fashion whi we need to enquire about too - she also does this with her toes. I wish she didn't and I know she shouldn't........ what can I do? Im actually trying to feel upbeat about the whole visit and Ive promised myself not to get down but damn those eternal optimists that say they can ride through any situation. Ive tried for 13 years, month after month and Im still non the wiser. I think Im allowed to be a little blue about it!

Anyway, to take my mind off it Ive been making some really fun (and I mean the kind of fun that makes you clap in your seat) projects for Crafts Beautiful. Its an article on gift wrap ideas. I really stretched myself and am so happy about the outcome, Ive decided to make as many gifts as I can this year that even the well nosed crafter will have no idea they are hand crafted. Ive also been making crimbo cards. Some for Craftwork Cards (pics to follow) and some for my stash in readiness for that very expensive week we call Christmas!
This weekend, Mark and I are attacking a few rooms in the house that need a good sort. We have a utility area that's pretty much a dumping ground as is the new back room we created after when we spit the lounge last Christmas. Lots of stuff is going to the local dump and some to a local charity shop that welcomes furniture to sell on to the public (Leigh and Wigan Hospice, if you didn't know. This charity were the primary carers of my lovely friend Joanne Ward who passed away almost 3 years ago). Whilst most of the part I will be breaking my heart that's its all going, the optimist in me thinks - aaaaah, space and neatness. That makes my heart light and happy.

Ill leave you with another picture from my Shoot with Jo on Monday - isn't this little Charlotte beautiful?


Jenni said...

Love the Christmas card Kirstie, hope the consultation goes well on Monday.
Hugs Jenni x

Marie said...

Hope all goes well on Monday Kirsty. I know you're probably an old hand at this by now but make sure you write down the questions you want answers to so you don't get that "mind blank" thing when you get in there and end up leaving without asking anything you wanted to know (I'm terrible for doing that!).

Will keep everything crossed that you get some answers.


Jan C. said...

What if you give Belle a list of questions and have her ask the doctor on Monday? Do you think he'd cut her off, or take the time to answer? I mean, it's much easier to brush off an adult sometimes than it is if the adorable young patient looks at you with soulful eyes and wants to know about her own condition . . . .

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Great card, love the papers.

Why not try givng the consultant the actual list saying you need answers to all those points. Give him the list with a determined look on your face. Don't let them usher you out the door till you've got what you need. Be polite but firm. Patients do do this, sometimes it's the only way.

If you don't get all your answers, write him a letter explaining all your questions and worries. If that fails try the Consumer Relations Dept asking for their help to get the information you need.

Unfortunately they are governed by many constraints concerning appt times, and believe me they complain about it as much as us. At our local hosp they sometimes arrange double appt times.

I hope it goes well for you
Luv Dee xxx

Sally said...

All the best for Monday. Forget the 5/10 minutes. Don't walk out of the room until all your questions are answered.
Love the photograph of charlotte on the swing.

manicstamper said...

Will be thinking of you all.
Fabulous card.