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4 Oct 2009

There is no love

like poochy love. In a sunny garden, in lovely Autumn.

And they said it was going to pour it down this weekend but they lie!

So after postponing a walk in our nearest country park in fear of a random downpour, we hung around at home to crack on with a grand sunday roast.
Belle had a little play with the boy.
Mark peeled the spuds. Whilst he doing this job he was listenng to the radio and the DJ said soemthing like "I bet you are all gettinb ready for your sunday roasts and peeling the spuds". Uncanny! LOL
I co-ordinated the whole affair because as you know, it takes military precision timing to get 5 veggies, two meats, roast spuds, gravy, stuffing and a pud finished to perfection not forgetting Ellie has pasta and no potatoes and that dog needs feeding at exactly the same time to try and encourage him not to beg.


With all 4 rings on the go, two ovens, the steamer and the microwave you feel like you are going through the menopause by the time you sit down to eat it. And as chief juggler you can't help but sample the food as its cooking along. Especially the stuffing. I love home made stuffing but today was not a "planned make your own stuffingness". So I bought Paxo and ok, its not exactly the same but its equally delish and delumpsh. I could eat it forever. And then of course, my secret weapon - par boiled potatoes cooked in the juices of the beef and then roasted off to finish. Oh yes! When you put the beef on a rack, lay potatoes beneath the rack (in the roast tin) along with water and loads of sliced onions. After an hour in the oven, take the potatoes out of the tin to roast in olive oil on a separate roasting tin and then pour the onion and potato water into a pan for the gravy. HELLO? HELL-BLOODY-O? Total beefy spuds and amazing oniony gravy. **sigh** Then my in-laws came round to help us trough the lot and sunday roast heaven was shared and adored.

Im sat here with my tummy all bloated but secretly content although, to be fair, my thighs are going to pay for it until I can get my sorry ass down the gym on Toosday. Of course this is advanced warning as there will be earth tremors in the Lancashire area as I pound the treadmill (an no doubt the boobarj will give me black eyes and all!).


Lynn said...

sounds yum :)

Helena said...

"HELLO? HELL-BLOODY-O?" -lmao!!!!!!!

Elise said...

great post - and I love the giant butterfly following me around your blog ! wonderful. many thanks

Kate said...

God that's making me REALLY hungry! I have to feed the dog at the same time too same problem with begging although she has started to cop on and begs first and then goes and eats her own!
How was the trifle???