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14 Oct 2009

so, this 9,500 number

Is the number of UK soldiers in Afghanistan.

You may baulk, like I did or toss your head and look the other way but 9,500 is a LOT. Its 9,500 more than a few years ago when the Uk went in. Those 9,500 soldiers initially training in UK camps, with/close to their families and home comforts and good sleep and no fear of what lay ahead in the next minute let alone the next day.

Its alleged that these 9,500 soldiers are clearing out insurgents whilst also training the Afghanistan's how to fight the Taliban and regain control over their country but from one very reliable source I have learned that this could take up to TEN years to carry out.

I could go on and on and on about it but for today the wind was blown out of my sails and today I had a little think about them and wish that it was just all over. I don't want to sound grim, I just wanted to share my feelings.

On to brighter, more fun things...........
Guess who had her very first manicure today - EVER?
She is almost 14 years old (next month....yeeeeks) and for, like, always she has had beautiful nails which we have to cut to keep them trim and safe. But recently she wanted to grow them properly. The edges were looking a little square so tonight I shaped them and coated a slick of very pretty polish on them. It was quite the event, rather like first steps, first lost tooth or first kiss (still waiting for that one although Im pretty pleased she hasn't ventured that far out yet ;))
Her fingers are very spindly and twisted due to her condition. In fact her fingers almost bend back 30 degrees. She is so supple in all areas of her body too, so much so that she can actually get her foot to rest on the back of her neck! **almost passing out, makes me squirm** Im so chuffed that she is willing to maintain them from such a young ago as I didnt give a damn about my nails until I was at least 20.

Am in the middle of organising my craft space for the one hundred billionth time this year and have even more stuff I just need to get rid of. After that, I will be making a couple of Halloween projects and a few Christmas cards tonight, to share with you on my new art and craft link (above). There is also an update on my Photography portions not forgetting a new food entree!! Talking of which I have 1500kg of dried fruit steeping in half a bottle of brandy in the kitchen ready for homemade sweet mince meat - thanks to Lynda for reminding me.

Gotta shoot, the pig sty formerly known as my craft space is crying out for some attention.


Katy said...
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Katy said...

Sorry i pressed send before i had finished writing, so it was me above. xx

Awwwww she has beautiful nails, so stunning and so pretty yay go ellie :D

Tidying your craft room is always good, i love to do mine im a tidy freak of late in there.

Chin up my love

Katy xxxxx

Jan C. said...

Belle's beaten me--I've never had a manicure, and I'm 50!

Linda - Gold Coast said...

IMHO Ellie♥ has got such beautiful nails and hands. I had awful nails at 14. Linda♥

Mooneybeams said...

I think Ellie has rather elegant and beautiful hands - very hand modelesque! Very good job on the manicure, Mrs Wiseman!

Sally said...

Wow. I wish I had nails like that. She has beautiful, elegant hands.

Rae said...

I think those are beautiful fingers! so slender and pretty. and you can pop round and do my nails if you like! not bad, not bad! :)

Cazz said...

Hi Kirsty,
My nephew goes over to Afghanistan next week....he's 18, its a very scary time for everyone, especially my sister.
Love Ellies nails!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous nails there Ellie, I wish I could give Rebecca a manicure but she bites her nails, I have tried everything and she still nibbles away...
As for the soldiers, I do admit I try not to think about it but when I do ,it hits me like a ton of bricks..shocking and very frightening for a lot of families...


Anonymous said...

whatever the condition , problem or age things cannot be controlled by holding them back and glad you are not doing so. A positive step for us all to learn from in any of the events in life. Hope the first kiss will happen soon too! Hope school can cope with the new look and very grown up approach! bfn xx

Amelie said...

Ellie has amazing nails!! i´m supposed to be going for my first manicure tomorrow but my nails are too short to do anything with!!! lol! it was a birthday gift! hopefully they can do more with my toes