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7 Oct 2009

She is arty

Belle wanted to be a Vet when she grew up for the longest time. We had to tell her that she would have to have a degree for that and handle animals. A degree, we think, might not be on the cards due to her educational development and also, as much as she ADORES animals, she wont go near them, really. Cute little kittens and piglets, yes but huge, hoyiking great biggies?...NO!

Then Ellie said she wanted to be a masseuse. Purely for the reason that she enjoys having back massages now and again. But that was laid to rest when she discovered her love of getting involved in the kitchen. She later proclaimed a love of becoming a chef. Now whilst we encourage our girl in every sense, sometimes you have to be firm and explain that this type of duty requires lifting heavy pans and sacks across a busy kitchen, she soon came to the conclusion that perhaps its not for her.

In the last few weeks I have been trying to steer her towards computer work. Do you know how many compute programmer jobs are out there? The visual basics, the graphics, the web programming and all that mumbo jumbo? THOUSANDS! I be;ieve she has the ability to do this although which field I am uncertain just now.

I don't enjoy this process of being a Mum because I believe a child should grow with their dreams. I really don't think people should say "My child will get a masters degree and marry into aristocracy and get a job working in conglomerates" unless of course the parents have every intention of steering them in that direction regardless of the child's wants and needs. BUT with us, there has to be some intervention especially when a child is being mislead.

So Ive started showing Ellie the wonders of graphic design and art. Ive been showing her ways of seeing life different through a lens too. And do you know what, she has become quite the critic of late. She helps me pick colours and styles and she helps see things from her the wheelchair and how interesting things look. And two weeks ago, when we visited Liverpool One shopping mall, she guided me to the best perspectives for my photography. I mean, if she could lift a canon 5d and a 24-70mm lens together - she would be a pro.

But still, with a little discussion we came out with these shots.

isnt she smart?Truly worth the 6 hour queue in the disney store for a treat with her pocket money.


Jan C. said...

I'm sure you worry that you are forcing her into some career path that isn't really her "destiny," but on the other hand, sometimes moms and dads can see things about their kids that will cause them to make a very astute suggestion.

Years ago I suggested to my oldest son that he should become a writer, and he told me that would basically be the last thing on earth he'd enjoy. He was sure he'd be a clarinetist or a physicist, and he did have talents in those areas. But in the end, he switched his major from physics to English and is pursuing a writing career.

(Of course, on the other hand, my second oldest was such a handful that I wondered if he'd end up behind bars. Instead, he's in training to be a policeman. Hmmmm . . . maybe I wasn't that far afield with him after all . . . .)

corinne5 said...

hi sweetie,

I also worry about what will become of Anthony when he grows up. In his school there are nor much options and I do think he can do more than these things. So far he doesn't have a clue what it is he wants so I let him play with my camera as well and such and hope he gets a feel for it too.


Anonymous said...

I think, as usual, that you are doing the right thing, Kirsty. I love all todays photos, but especially the first one and the last one! Buy a tripod and let Belle have a go with the Canon? Whatever she decides to do, you and Mark will be there supporting her. (((Hugs))). HeyJude!

Linby said...

love these pictures of Liverpool one - I'm afraid when I went I could not see this artistic side of it - thanks for sharing.

As for Belle - she has ages yet to decide. I always wanted to be a Doctor until i realised not everyone had good hygiene!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

That girl has any eye for a good piccy chick!

You need to get her a (Nikon! LOL!) of her own. Even if it were just a hybrid to start with. Freya's little Canon (yeuch!) is only a compact digi and she takes some fab images. Jacob has a Fuji hybrid and some of the piccies he took in Paris earlier in the year were awsome.

With you as her guide, she'll go far!


Dylan said...

Hey girlie I dont know what I want to be when I grow up....!!!!!lmao. Luuuurve the picture of Belle with the glasses on, she looks as though she is hiding from the paparazzi..!!! love ya poo brain xx
ha ha word verification is jobberi!!

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, only clued up parents know how to steer their kids in the direction that will allow their minds to open and develop in order to make the choices they need to get by in life.....of which you have no worries hon ;o)

Photos are REALLY arty, Elle should be VERY proud of her achievement...... ;o) {{clapping}}

Can't imagine how long you will need to wait for Disney in a few weeks....... ;O best to order online, although having said that they prob won't arrive at Santa's pad thanks to Royal Mail!!!!

hugs to all xxxx

Houston said...

Wow, truly beautiful images, Ellie is a natural!

cannycrafter said...

Speaking as a mum of a Dyspraxic child, (who was told he would never write) who we have just delivered to University to start his degree in Sports Journalism, you can't make plans for them! They just grow wings and fly away!!! Lol! I planned he would leave school at 16 to be a plumber's apprentice! What do I know????? Nothing!!
Love that first shot by the way!! xx

Nicci said...

Fabulous pictures! She has a real eye for them by the look of things. Thought I recognised them... ! :D

Anonymous said...

Dyan beat me to it,but Im gonna say it anyway...Im 40 years old and I still dont know what Im gonna be when I grow up...
Sometimes,its ok to just drift along your own path...mine eventually led me to crafts.As a child, my fave xmas presents ever were notebooks,sticky stars,pens..yer basic stationery items.I'd sign my name on the first,virgin sheet of paper,turn the page and do it over again...and again... and again...after a 7 year illness,when I was unable to fulfil my destiny of drifting thru life with no plan whatsoever, I felt well enough to make some Easter cards(Im a Spiritualist,but Gods God,right?) and so began a passion that just WILL NOT LIE DOWN AND GO TO SLEEP..having decided that Ive gotta do something to keep the wolf from the door now that Ive recovered,and not having the talent or an original thought inside my head,I opted to work in Craft Retail..
whatever the curlygirl does will be great for you,Supermomma
Big love to said curlygirl
Lulubelle x