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20 Oct 2009

See this?

This is the last bunch of supplies I will ever receive from the most fabulous scrapbook kit club ever.
Having reviewed the amount of extra curricular activity to my normal working day Ive taken a step down from the Studio Calico podium. April, the head of shed, asked all the team if we would like to continue in the group in September and we all (but one) said yes, including me. I was taken aback as most DT's last between 6 months and a year. Ive been with them for two and being asked for a third was an absolute treat.
Then came the postal strikes leaving me little time to give the kits my all and then came the emotional train crash of hospitals - AGAIN. It felt right at the time to put in my notice to leave but then I got this kit (early in the post, for starters - on Friday just gone) and I opened the parcel and I thought "Man, what the hell have I done?". But like I say, you do things because it feels right at the time and i looked back to the moment I had made my decision to leave and it felt right then (but still, not so now!). However, I have to go with my head and not my heart. So be sure to look out for my final ever studes sneaks over the next few days.

So today, hmmm?
I got two lovely packages in the novelty that is "prompt post". One was from Kerry whose website I refreshed and gave a new header to last week. She sent me a whole bunch of Prima goodies as a "thank you". I did say Id do it for free as she is a friend (normally I charge one hundredty million pounds for such things!). I was really shocked to get a parcel from her because like I said it was for free... still the gift was thankfully received and licked and stowed in a treasure box to be admired on very dark days.
Then I got this lot of thigh busting yummies at 5pm from a cute girly courier. I said to her (whilst signing for it) "Gosh, what on earth could this be?" and she read the side and it said something about cupcakes. I said to her "damn, its not my job lot of adult toys from Ann Summers then...?" which she burst out laughing and I tried to conceal my shame of such a thing to say to a stranger! Thank you foo foo - you are clearly quite the gift giver and a half :)

There are updates on my foody blog plus a competition to win a portion of my sweetmince if you care to take a look - click the "food" tab above to take you there.:)


Anonymous said...

You will be so missed at Studio Calico. I look for your layouts first whenever its reveal. Don't become a stranger to scrapbooking, will you now?

Lil' Ol' Me said...

I so need friends like yours Kirsty!!
How come you get quick post? Are you related to the Queen. I just got a birthday card yesterday that was posted in the smae county that I live in, on the 1st october. Now Im not boasting but even I could walk it quicker than the time it took the Royal Mail to drive it here.

Kerry said...

Ah but you have transformed my website so that cannot go unpaid and Prima goodies it will be.

I cancelled my SC sub last month because I was fed up of it taking so long. Mine seemed to have such extended stays in foreign countries that I'm surprised they didn't arrive with a suntan.

Houston said...

I am so sad, I shall not even go into it. But of course I want you to be happy dearest, I'm sure those cuppycakes will make you so! Huge hugs, H

cannycrafter said...

You know I'll miss you! xx

Word verification is worif? Shall we not play the 'what if' game and just go with the flow !!!

Dylan said...

Thought you had already received your new quota of rabbits last week..???? xx

Dylan said...

Is it me or does the bun at the top right of the home page look suspiciously like a phallic symbol..??

cla16e said...

Oooooh where can I buy some of them delish looking cupcakes????????
I NEED some of them even if its just to look at or even just to lick! LOL

Helena said...

Oh my God! How come I never get cakes in the post?????

Mandy said...

Going to miss your beautiful work at Studio Calico every month.Those cupcakes look yummy!