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1 Nov 2009

My week in a nutshell

Ok - I haven't really had that much internet activity this week what with visits, visitors and spending free time just "vegging". I am drained and Im not sure if its the start of a cold or the fact that dark nights have drawn in. I look up from my sheets and just want to dive under them again with my little pooch who is a superb hot water bottle. Saying that by mid afternoon I do perk up and make the most of the little daylight we have by occupying ourselves with this and that being steered by the abundance of cadburys chockoly which is EVERYWHERE in time for Halloween. And I mean just for us, not for the trick or treaters! LOL

Quick recap of my week:

Sunday last week my sis and her kidlets arrive. Kids go to bed and sis and I went out for an Indian meal. Loved it. We ordered 8 starters between us instead of the usual starters, sides and mains. It makes the tasting so much better. By the way, mark looked after the kids in case you thought we had abandoned them. If he hadn't of been there, the attic is a warm and safe place ;)

Monday we vegged during the day and at night went to see the circus at Blackpool - it was fabulous. The kids loved it and that was the best part of the trip; kids with very gleeful faces.

Tues we vegged again and in the afternoon we visited Bents garden centre to look at the amazing professionally decorated Christmas trees. The centre has a plethora of overpriced garden decor and such like too but its worth going there to dream how you would spend your millions if your luck ever came in. Rounded it off with a cream tea, lasagna for dinner and a couple of bottles of plonk watching the crappest movie I have ever seen "New in Town" with Renee Zellwegger and what his name...... Harry Connick Jnr. The only good thing about it was that some of the film centred around scrapbooking... lol

I tested out my new ring flash on Charlotte. This was taken in my kitchen at breakfast time. I love ring flash experiments. The catch lights in the eyes look superb and the background looks so mysterious when actually it was broad daylight. You should get one and try one :)

This picture stuns me, she has beautiful coloured eyes and hair.
After a bite of something sticky (evident on her chin!!) she got fed up with me poking my camera in her mush.

And then she goes all psycho on me - this is why I love photographing kids

Weds morning I made fresh mincemeat pies for my sis and her kids. They went home in the afternoon and Belle and I went to visit friends in the Trafford centre. Darcy and Sue are such darling girls. We had a great time just meandering and chatting that, before we knew it, time had gone and I was left bereft and home bound. It also made me think that time can be so cruel at times. Another day, hey?

Wednesday night - change of plan. had to go to mums a day earlier than planned and spent a few days there just doing family stuff. I barely did a thing other than surf lightly, veg with Ellie, help Dad with his PC and talk. On the rare occasion that I did go out, this is the photo that dusted the cobwebs from my veggy state. Am pretty chuffed myself.
We went out just before sunset and the two aspects of the beach was superb. A sea fret was rolling in making the whole beach look eerie.

Belle on the sea wall - she could sit here for hours
Close ups of Ellie with her eyes open is hard - anyone who knows us will bear testament to that. Ive yet to get a super duper in focus one without having to rely on 400ISO, slow shutters and breezy beaches. but still, isn't she a dreamy little kid?
I just adore her. You hear that, ADORE.
Mark went caching today and has informed me he has completed his 1000th cache. He would have taken a photo of the occasion but it was a crappo magnetic number in a boggy field so later on, when I get back, we shall celebrate with a meal and huddle in the lounge over X factor.

Schools for Belle tomorrow and she is excited. She is the only kid I know who loves school so so much. She has mentally prepared how she is going to fll her school bag and when we get back she will lay out her uniform ready for the morning. Talking of uniform, she needs a new blazer. the one I bought in 2007 is shrinking meaning that she is growing...hooray for her, not hurray for the £50 for the new blazer. BOOO!

There we go, bullet point events of my week! I'm reformatting my blog again tonight realising that I needn't have made new blogs for individual topics so therefore I am tagging 5 years worth of blogging to make it a little more streamline. Gah, this blogging lark is almost a business in itself but it sure frees my head of memory overload! And then tomorrow Apple are replacing my iMac for the new super duper pooper scooper upgraded number for free because they are amazing and because Apple are just like that. Go Apple Macs. I love you.


becky said...

awesome new pictures!!! your niece is adorable & your girl is gorgeous (love the one with her eyes all open!!) -- are you sure the boys aren't knocking on the door for her??

Karen said...

love the pictures.

Zoe said...

Gorgeous pictures of the beautiful Belle - love them x

Sam said...

gorgeous pictures of Belle (as usual)

Anonymous said...

Do you think that saying 'chinky linky' is very nice. I am half Chinese and I personally find it offensive - surely you could have written 'have a chinese meal'

Kirsty Wiseman said...

is it offensive? I had no idea. Im really sorry about that, really - I am. Im aware of a lot of things Im not supposed to say and I purposely dont so in future, Ill bear that in mind.
It would help that if you deem to find it so offensive that you ought to validify your anonymous status otherwise how am I to believe it such an offensive term.

Belinda said...

OOh you gotta just love the old 'Anonymous' poster aint ya! So much to say without actually being accountable - whilst pointing out your accountability!!!!
........AnywaysI am so glad Apple are being so cool bout the new version, there were some concerns in this household when you mentioned your recent purchase, N (who is always abreast of everything Apple) said whoops they are just about to upgrade I hope Kirsty got it at a knockdown price!! You had been having a tough week so didn't wish to rain on your parade so kept shtung (gosh will that upset somebody German??). So pleased it all turned out well in the end yahooo!!
Belinda x

Di said...

Kirsty, don't fret over anonymous stalkers of your blog leaving comments which can't be verified! Not worth worrying about - if they don't like it then they can always opt out of poking round your life!


Sue Bone said...

1000 amazing. You must come to Jersey for a holiday and do our 175 caches!!