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16 Oct 2009

Me, the girl and the boy - **lots of pics, be warned**

I say this every year but Autumn is my favourite and my best.
Lovely, cool air - enough to get tightly wrapped in your fave scarf and coat and enjoying reddish golden nights that match the surrounding fauna. I love pink cheeks and breathing in so it tickles the back of your throat but best off all we all LOVE kicking crispy leaves.

Tonight, Belle and I went to take the dog for a quick leg round the lake. The boy was suffering with cabin fever as time hasn't been lavish this past week, what with one thing or another so he was dying to go and sniff hither and dither. Belle and I just chatted as we went along discussing cloud formation, what we would have for tea and the happenings of our day.

This is the road just off our street - I love seeing this for about 4 weeks every single year. Those leaves are majestic and jewel-like
the start of our walk and already the colour starts to dazzle

This is one view from around the lake where we trek. GLORIOUS!

I like peeping through the trees, the diffused light is so romantic.

Then onto a sunnier spot and all of a sudden I am staring at pure gold

Look - its so rich!

Time to toss leaves. Ellie points out one that landed on eddy's head. She was besides herself with laughter

Of course, she has to inspect and collect the best looking ones (which i have to ditch every few days to prevent mould setting in the house)

Camouflage.....easily lost in the piles

That toothy grin - man, I love this kid. She is my absolute tonic.

Look at the boysface. He is saying "Gerrof me, you pain-in-the-butt sister blister"
Oh no I wont, she replies....for you are my personal squish bag and I love you

Our reflection in the lake.

A new part of the park has opened - its called the wetlands. We love it but the light was fading fast here.

It has this nature board detailing all the mini beasts residing in the new area. Ellie was practically foaming at the mouth taking all the info in. She loved this bit of the walk the most

Home, James. She made good use of her legs as well as the wheels this evening. We are encouraging her to walk lots but you know, baby steps and all that
And that was our beautiful autumnal walk - only a few more weeks left before it gets REALLY cold and that means more layers, pinker cheeks and hundreds of more photos.

If you click on the Art and Craft button (above, just under the header) you will see a card I made this afternoon.


becky said...

thanks for some new pics! your girl just makes me smile

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely pics! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!
Beth Ann

Zoe said...

What a gorgeous place to live, wonderful shots as usual.
Autumn's my fav too although it doesn't seem to do my asthma any favours :(
Lovely and frosty out here this morning :)

SueK said...

Lovely colours, beautiful daughter, sqwishy doggie - joy. Not to keen on the chilly fresh air tho like Zoe the ol' asthma kicks in big time and I start wheezing for Britain. Happy weekend

Rachel said...

Gorgeous pics Kirsty, this is my favourite time of year as well, I love the colours...Ellie is as gorgeous as ever..



Mooneybeams said...

I just got back from my own Autumn celebration feeding squirrels in St James's Park (they will climb your legs to take a nut from your hand - so cute!) and leaf scuffling in Hyde Park. Autumn is by far and away my favourite time of year.

Helena said...

Beautiful pictures!
We were out cycling today and it was great to see all the colours, so I know what you mean =) but I still prefer spring cos I don't like the evenings drawing in!

I have had my pencils out, trying to do pet pawtraits again. I really must have another go at doing Eddy. LOL! Did he even know he had a leaf on his head? LOL!

Mandy said...

Beautiful pictures!I love Autumn too it's my fav time of the year.