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8 Oct 2009


This is she, drinking some of the extra pint of full fat milk a day in her new regime for the next 6 months.
Except in this house we call it Maggy.
Because that was what she called it when she was a toddler.
Not milk or milky
....just maggy.
She is drinking through those nifty Nesquick straws that are filled with chocolate balls. You suck the milk through the straw and the bally thingies flavour the milk on the way through. Coolio.Maggy, ey?
Its still makes me laugh today.

She has a supplement called Calogen added to it and she doesn't even notice the difference. I love that she loves milk. And she knows if its semi skimmed milk because she thinks it tastes rank. Ive sometimes had to give her it when we have run out of full fat. She point blank refuses to drink half fat milk. Blech... because full fat makes me want to vom too. We are totally like Jack Spratt.
But still.
Lets pray that it fattens that little waif and stray up over the coming months.

Today I finished up some layouts for Bellaboo's guest design team for October. It was full of whimsical whimsiness and a reet treat to cut into.

Tomorrow Im going to spend the whole day with my dear friend Lee. She was my Sergeant when I was in the RAF, at the time when I left - we have rarely lost touch in the 14 years we have been apart. She is the most wonderful person I know (I say that with conviction) with the purest heart. She only lives an hour away which is too far to pop round just for coffee (cry cry) but near enough for treat days together. Lee makes the most amazing indian food and she always makes me extra to take home (he heeee). So tomorrow we are going to craft and eat - what better way to spend a Friday?

Then on Saturday I am over at Port Sunlight craft fair with my crazy friend Jane and her two charming girls (Lady K and Little Miss C). Belle would just die of boredom - she hates craft child of mine, ey? Then my sister is coming over on Saturday night with her kidlets and I think we are surprising her with a trip to the lights at Blackpool. We go every year and its is very tacky but it also such a fun thing to do. AND THEN, if all this fun stuff wasn't enough, Mark was offered (FINALLY) a permanent contract at the place of work that he has been made redundant from twice in the past year. **Breathes deeply and raises her arms to the heavens in a welcoming embrace**

It truly is a wonderful end to a very sad and upsetting week. Hope I can pass on some of our luck to you xx


beksynormz said...

Can't wait to see what you've done with that kit, I'm on the Bellaboo DT and loved that kit. Hope you have a fabby weekend xx

Anonymous said...

Kirsty - so pleased that Mark has a permanent contract. Have a lovely weekend. Sharon Peters X

Ruth said...

Did they tell you to add the Calogen to Custard, Rice pudding Smoothies etc....I'm sure they would have.
Good Luck for your newly improved week.

Rach said...

Fab news about Mark's job! Have a great weekend hun x

Sarah xx said...

Love those sneaky peaks Kirsty - they look really really superb - I want to see them in the gorgeous wholeness please? Glad the week got better for you. have a great weekend xxx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Belle is a girl after Freya's own heart my lovely. As well you know, my poppet loves her milk - as do our local supermarkets seeing as we get through 4 pints a day most days!!!! (She even asked Santa for a cow for the garden last year and is putting it on her list again this Christmas, bless her!)

Freya's dietician told us to add cheese to as much of her food too when she was little and not thriving because of the fat and calorie content. You could try that too.

Congrats to Mark too. Bet that's a load off your minds!


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Have a lovely weekend!
Dh used to work in Port Sunlight. :)

Angela W said...

Great sneaks! That is cute that she calls it maggy!

Linby said...

so pleased at for you at Mark's fab news. Have a good weekend - I love Port Sunlight pity I am sooo far away!

Anonymous said...

What happened with repairing Ellie's heart? That would more than likely help with the other problems such as weight gain.

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

So glad your week got better, and congrats to Mark.

I'm so with the curly goddess. If it ain't full fat, it ain't worth drinking. Might as well drink water. I also lurve breakfast milk or Channel Island milk. Just like the old gold top. Might be worth trying with the highter fat content and all that.

Luv Dee xxx

Sue Ramsay said...

Absolutely brilliant news about Marks job, what a relief. Was looking at the pic of Belle with her milk and omg what gorgeous hands and nails that girl has - soooooo v. envious here! Have a great weekend, sounds like much fun is to be had, think Im off to Preston craft shopping (chore!) if the cracked ribs arent bothering me too much. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

to anon:
Her heart condition is a prolapsed mitric valve which has nothing to do with whether she puts on weight or not.

Jan C. said...

Crossing my fingers that the milk helps with the weight gain. My uncle (a dairy farmer) would say that it also makes your complexion beautiful, makes your hair curly, and probably makes you whistle better. Apparently NOT drinking your milk can turn you into a smart ass, which may explain why he always sees me and says, "you haven't been drinking your milk, have you Jan?"

Barbara said...

Glad you got a good end to a bad week. Hope Belle gets well on her Maggy! It made me smile as my son always called it kilk. I would be going 'say m..m...m...milk' and he would say 'm..m..m..kilk!' Thanks for the youtube clip, it made me cry as my youngest son is autistic and I have so many fears for him.
By the way, what trade were you in the RAF?

Emma said...

Been reading your blog and never commented before, just wanted to say, your daughter has the most beautiful nails! Can't beleive a 13year old could have such well conditioned finger nails, thats a testament to a love of milk! All the best to you and yours x

Kat_RN said...

Glad to know things are improving. I adore the milk photo! It is card worthy.

Cazzy said...

Oooooo, I have never heard of those straws but they sound like heaven! I am with Belle on the full fat milk thing!

Cazzy x

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

I'm so pleased to hear that something good is finally happening to you all Kirsty. Your sneak peeks look amazing too.

Have a wonderful weekend, sounds like a bundle of fun.

With fondest hugs,

Jo xxx

hello gorgeous said...

LOVE this pic of belle with her milk and fingers.... :o)) she has such delicate fingers.....