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24 Oct 2009

I can calligraphi-cate

Acting as a roving reporter for Crafts Beautiful I have just returned from a mini retreat at Farncombe Estate to attend a Calligraphy workshop.
Initially I was expected to attend a Tatting course which frightened me a little as it seemed too intricate for me. But the that was changed at a later date to Calligraphy but having seen some of the tatting work that the ladies were doing with their twine I was blown away - its so delicate and interesting.... such a skill that can be incorporated into lots of other crafts.
Saying that I was rather smug with myself when I entered the calligraphy workshop yesterday when I saw the inspiration boards set up by Josie, the teacher. I was floored and I couldn't wait to start. It was tricky to get the knack of at first as it was not just a new font I had to learn but also how to hold the tool and use the paint (yes, paint and not ink!)
I cant show you my full project but here is a sampler. I came away feeling absolutely thrilled that I had learned a new skill and I really want to develop it further. The art of writing seems to be dying with the advent of computers. I love writing and although my writing is not as beautiful as Jane Deans (have you seen her writing? It is gorgeous...... wish she would make that into a font and sell it) I do like to scribble now and again but Id say most of what I have to write is 90% done on a Mac - not good, is it?
The article appears in January's issue of Crafts Beautiful.
Guess who will be chief invitation writer in future?!!!

Lastly, this girl here
Look at her.
Look at the flag, that flag of the George cross which is almost out of shot.
The very George cross she asked me to write Liverpool on this afternoon as we we were SCREAMING when they played against Man U.
The flag that took a battering from constant waving and shielding of eyes during parts where we thought man U were going to snatch back the goal between the 85th and 94th minute.
The flag she will remember from this afternoon as we raced around the house being all jubilant and triumphant.
He heeee - I couldn't resist this shot as she wedged the flag by her side as she googled whatever took her fancy (normally images of baby animals or Australia Zoo or Animal Planet or National Geographic).

PS: GUTTED that Miss Frank are out, what the hell? Those twins are pants in comparison to the raw talents of these three talented gals.... me cry.


Mooneybeams said...

Oh what is going on with the X-Factor? I'm going to watch it next week and if the twins don't go then I don't think I'll be able to bear it anymore!

Mooneybeams said...

Oh yes - forgot to say that your calligraphy looks fantastic - very impressed it looks that good after one workshop! I'm a bit of a writing fanatic myself - I really think I may have to give a calligraphy workshop a go, now!

Rae said...

yep I'm gutted too :(

Mandy said...

Love that photo of Belle she is a doll. Hope your week is starting off good. Hugs

Anonymous said...

doncha just wanna gobble that curlygirl right up? Stunning pic of usual..
Lulubelle x

debbi taylor said...

I love reading your blog! and your little girl is beautiful - even if she did shout for Liverpool!

Helena said...

Hmmm that calligraphy looks great. I haven't tried it since 2nd yr at school in I think. OMG!!!! But that's nearly 30 years! OMG! [goes for lie down on floor...]

It's ok, I'm fine, really.

Must remember you'll be in CB in January! I bought that a few times then stopped.Took a subscription on another one but I don't like that one any more but I can't sneak TOO many craft mags into the house. Hahahaaa....

(Man U lost? Good!)