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15 Oct 2009

Come back in 4/6/9/12 months?

I am sick to death of hearing this from Ellie doctors. We hear it at least 6 times a year from 6 different consultants as they usher us out of their room as if we are infecting the joint.

We know she is not really sick as in ill/poorly but we are still no nearer understanding her condition. The scoliosis, apparently, is not a concern and will be looked at next MAY - :(

So, anyway........
Went to Endocrinology on Tues. Took an hour to get there, Doc was running 1.5 hours late. We waited in a boiling hot hospital (no wonder germs generate so quick). They weighed and measured her (like they did LAST week), gave her a quick once over and said.....ok, see you in 4 months.
You will not see us in 4 months to spend 3 and half hours of our day to be told come back in another 4 months and so on and so forth.
We are so totally taking control.
We have advised these nutters that we will go back if anything further develops or if she gets sick or if something strange happens.
This equals me NOT stressing out over wasting their time, our time and allowing us to just get on with it.
Check me out - I didn't cry once.
I feel liberated.
Look at me ------------------> :)

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Ciao ciao ciao (with no tears...hooray!)


Zoe said...

Go you! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, that'll show them!
So glad you took control and dind't cry ((hugs)).

Henriƫtte KB

Mandy said...

You go girl glad you made it thru without a tear. I know how you feel about the 4,6,etc come back thing it drives me bonkers too. We go for one of those come back in 3 months to see the change appointments tomorrow with Mav's Orthopaedic Surgeon hopefully I don't cry.Hope you have a good evening. Big Hugs to you!!!

Tonya said...

Yay for you Kirsty!!! I say live life and take charge! Mostly, keep that smile a going!

*reyanna klein* said...

AWESOME, Kirsty! Good for you! I'm so sad for you that you have to go through this in the first place, but God really did give you the strength to handle this! Amazing! :)

corinne5 said...

Girl everything will be easier from now on since you are in control over this, believe me. I was in that position last year for the first time and for me it was also NO MORE! and I didn't got mad but I firmly told his teachers how from now on things would go. and you know what they bought it and things changed for the better :) keep praying that this will happen for your sweet bella as well.


Michelle said...

Oh I envy you and am just at the point where I will be saying the same thing.... Just looked and over the last 20 working days (4 working weeks!) I had 7 days free to myself with no hospital apts, visits from the kids social workers (am a foster mum) visits to parents where I had to drive and collect them - I AM WORN OUT BY THEM ALL! Gathering my momentum for a big tantrum.....

hello gorgeous said...

hip, hip, hooray, well done gorgeous....I'm ALL for taking control and you will know when the time is right for any kinda checkup....


Sam said...

you go girl!! yay at taking control!!

SandyPie said...

I feel your pain, we have appointments we make a year in advance that they want done in 5 minutes, "height, weight look good, anything new? ok well see you back in 1 year" oh!! I hate that! go see this doctor, go see this doctor, and yet no changes, no new miracle moments, it's too much to ask for cures or relief, I'd just take a moment. but alas.... oh sorry, this is about you... great job standing up to them, the more they get away with it and paid the company payroll the longer they will continue to do it!!! Good on you!

Jo Austin said...

bloody good for you, Gert!

Well done for not crying - now aren't you all growed up!! But I'm so proud of you.

love n hugs.. xxx

Love the word verification - alkies!!! mmmm.