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13 Oct 2009

Bright lights of Blackpool - for like.... 10 minutes

On Saturday night my sister and her kids and my tribe yomped it over to Blackpool for our annual pilgrimage to see the illuminations (usually September but this year we went Oct). We left late with the intention of having a fish an chip supper and then on to the amusements with the kids and then to finish with the lights. Well, me made the chip supper and the amusements (the kids had a ball) but then the little munchkins got really tired so instead for traipsing the entire mile of illuminations, we walked about 400 yards and then went home!

But we did have a good time....the kids faces will tell you so:

Im so proud of Ellie - she self propelled round the chip shop.... worthy of a photo. The chip shop was a real greasy spoon with filthy floors but the food was 1st rate (as always the case with seaside chippies!)
Harry was in psycho kid mode and I was happy to oblige his anger with a photo!. I love him!
Then a slurp of milk to bring down the anger issues and brings him back to lovely little boy mode!

Isnt she a little beauty?
Ellie holds on lovingly to her cousin (there are just under 9 years between them)
Ellie takes control of the proceedings - I love watching her with her little cous

Ellie loves to spend 2 pence pieces at the amusements. We literally gave her £3 to play with and she was happy as a pig in muck!

Ooooh look - Mark and I in a very rare "arms outstretched with a pokey little camera" style of pose

The kids having an absolute whale of a time. Harry didn't get the concept of winning the dropped 2p's. He got angry at one point thinking that the whole point of this amusement was to just shove your money in but when more dropped out, he got really cross because he just wanted to get rid of it!

You won't notice but Ellies glasses have flashing lights on them. Its the absolute law to buy the most disgustingly cheap light up toy in Blackpool. Got the tower in the background though - so brownie points for me.
Can't wait to go back again next year!

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Addish I want to say thank you for such a lovely array of positive feedback about my new look blog. It really makes me feel kind of chipper to come here and see all these funny little doodles and colours. xx


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

One day I´ll go and see the lights by myself. *grin* I´m not forgetting the light up toys, hard candy and amusement 2p thingies. :D

Thanks for the tour! :)

Bettyann said...

LOVE the new banner Kristy...did a great job..

Annie said...

I wanna see the illuminations!
Anyway, main reason for commenting - love the new look!!! :)