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18 Oct 2009

A Beautiful Day

Princess Bronte was preparing herself in the penthouse suite on the morning of 17th October in readiness to meet Prince James at 1pm. I turn up to the palace and all was pretty calm. There were handfuls of bridesmaids and aunties and hairdressers who were in there laughing, lipsticking, hair straightening, champagning and all excited....and why not - weddings are the happiest occasions I shoot. Its like you wake up, go to work and have a fabulous day consuming all that magic.
Ive never done a full day wedding shoot where the ceremony and the celebrations were held in one place. It made it a LOT easier because there was continuity and no faffing between church and venue. The bride got ready 2 floors above the room where she was to take her vows, I mean she could have literally slid down the banister for the ease of getting there in style and on time!!
But no, she was sensible and came down the stairs fashionably late with her father who was absolutely heart sluffened with tears; he couldn't believe how beautiful she looked and I don't think anyone would have disagreed. I welled up about 50 times during the day because there was so much love, fun and giggles going on - both James and Bronte have a wonderful family and a great bunch of friends. Anyway, lets not waste time with words, we all love photos and here is a small selection of their day

**click on the pictures to see them a littl ebigger - Blogger compresses them in such a ridiculous way and makes them look really pixellated**

Whilst every bride and groom spend gazillions on their day, lest we forget the minor yet lovely details - the shoes.......

And the tiaras.....

Champagne and laughter in robes....

Thats right, fasten her up....she wont be able to breathe all day but that adds to the pressure and nerves!

The dress was a beautiful designer number by Ian Stuart - it was breathtaking
Three little angels and I mean angels...all of them so good and funny and excited
I couldn't resist a picture of my lovely friend and I in the make-up doo dah mirrory thingy

Then came the boys.....

Swit swoo - don't they look like they want to nip to the bar?!!!

He heeeee - looking good, lads!

And so to the ceremony and that kiss that means - yes, we did it!

I love these kids - absolutely made for each other

Bronte, in all her amazing glory

Adoring friends......

Alone at last, just another 2 hundred pictures to go after the other 600 taken previously

I love the heart shape they are forming here

Ok - my face is aching from all that smiling!! Lets runaway to the marquee and eat our amazing cake and I mean - AMAZING
And here it is. I took this whilst everyone was preparing for the ceremony. Little do they know I licked it. This is PURE chocolate. PURE... the fragrance hit me from about 15 metres away. YUM.
Congrats you beautiful go and make babies ;)

Ive updated my food portion of my blog with a competition attached - click the link at the top of the page to take you there :) More food recipes coming this week.


Michelle said...

WOW - stunning photos, what great light you found, and that cake is just amazing. Eating my way thru a box of your nutty nobbles, my thighs and wobbly tummy thank you!!

Mandy said...

WOW!!Gorgeous pictures!!That cake looks yummy!
Hope your week is starting off good and you have a lovely day!

Fi said...

I wish you would have taken my wedding photos. They are a lucky couple to have you.
Do you know what I ove about your photos, Kirsty? You don't over photoshop them unlike my photos, they look terrible. I might ask Jimmy to marry me again. Sigh.

Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures Kirsty, I hope they had a lovely day, lots of memories for them...



Stacey Rigby, Runcorn said...

Im getting married next year. You are SO booked to do it. I would be amazed with pictures like this in my album.

Jo Austin said...

oh boy.. that cake is something else isn't it???

Photos are great, and you look like you had a fabby day! Love looking at wedding photos.. they are all sort of.. well.. romantic!

love n hugs.
Jo xx

Jo Austin said...

forgot to add - to avoid blogger compressing your pics, why not upload onto photobucket and take the html from there to have larger pics on your blog.. it makes a hell of a difference.

Mind you, you might have to change the width of the sidebars to get a larger centre panel.

Just thought this might help.

Jo x

Anja said...

You do take the most beautiful photographs. I am never disappointed when I come over to your blog.

Karen said...

Amazing pictures Kirsty, you just go from strength to strength.
Not visited your blog for a while and it's looking fabulous darlin'. Hope all is well with you and your adorable family :-)

love 'n stuff
Karen xxxxx

rmeyfe said...

Great photos!! They are all beautiful but what I want is that pure chocolate cake!!!

Em said...

Kirsty, I'm blown away by these pics - I know you're good - but these are *seriously* good. Love the composition and lighting; of course it helps that couple and guests are gorg!

Like the nice balance between trad and reportage. Mine are 100% the former and my sister's 100% the latter!

gibmiss said...

what a beautiful bride, the dress is stunning my eyes are watering congrats to them!
hugs sylvie

*reyanna klein* said...

HOLY COW! That cake! Was it just chocolate pieces? That you ate with your hands?! LOL. Sounds delightful, whatever you did! :D

These photos are gorgeous... you did such an amazing job! Love all the tiaras. :D