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4 Sep 2009

suBo covers this

I just heard that SuBo (Susan Boyle) will be covering my favourite ever ever ever Madonna song in the world on her new album.

Im actually quite **pleased**
But anything remotely large or small that is positive will be a diverse change to my mood today.
I got my Mac back in one piece (hooray, too many presh pics of belle on there) but I got a really horrible blow to my morale in another delivery.
Good job the weekend starts here..... going to buy myself a bottle of cool, crisp Chablis and some kettle chips and hope Monday brings a new, eventfully happy week :)
Have a marvellous weekend - you crazy blog hopping, blog hoppers xx


Sue Ramsay said...

Oh Kirsty, hope your news wasnt THAT bad, I do worry you know.
Last few weeks here have been treble crappo, could do with sneaking into your workroom and playing with your Stampin Up goodies - it might JUST crack a smile on this face of mine.
You take care sweetie.
Sue xxxxxxxxx

Deanne said...

Aw Kirsty hope all is okay xxxx

Darcy said...

*hugs* you know where I am if you need to rant.x

Katty Bell said...

Hope whatever it was does'nt keep you down for long, chic.x

S said...

Hope whatever it is that needs drowning has well and truely been swept out to sea. Happiness in your direction!

hello gorgeous said...

Hey Kirsty, glad to see you got your Mac back - I'm looking to purchase a new laptap soon, not sure on a PC or Mac - do you have pros and cons for either you could share? I've always had PC's.

Remember to keep your chin up when there's bad news - there's ALWAYS a silver lining waiting somewhere :o)

Hugs and snogs, Sue xoxox

Dylan said...

hey babes, you staying at mine next weekend...???? chin up chucklepants !!!. xxx