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9 Sep 2009

Sausage mad

I didn't want to be sausage mad but all things dachshund are so collectible. So collectible that I am still trying to convince Mr Grumpy Gills (that's Mark) into letting me have a little girl dachs. I cant wait to walk her and shout "Tilly Tallulah Tinkerbell, come here now you naughty girl". Bwahahahahaha. Seriously, she will be just called Tilly and she shall be the most magnificent lady Dachs in the world.

A lovely girl sent me a link to this baby here yesterday. It was only £6! Come on! I got her today in a major post fastness; I am smitten and so is Belle. The dog is not so keen, I think it undermines is manliness

Here I come to show him my new purse. I can see him already eyeing up for a future chew-age
You have got to be kidding me, mother. You are ruining my life with this pose and I hate you
Right, that's it. Im never speaking to you again. Go away.

Whats that? You are offering me a bone as some kind of pose-for-you bribery? Ok, Ill consider it.

Actually, I like it. Smells all new and chewable He is a cutie isn't he? Ok, I promise never to chew him, mother.

ooooh the reverse image on the purse is cute, too. You are a super cool Dachs collector, Mother and I shall adore you forever. I might, however, deliver you a parcel of gaseous wonder tonight as a special treat. I know how much you love the fragrance.

Today I did some rummaging and researching about a place in Nottingham called Kelham Hall. Im shooting a wedding there in the next few weeks and I wanted to see how light fell on it.
I almost spat my tea out when I saw this pic.Isn't this place amazing? Those arches in the bottom right are going to be a really cool place to take pics. Not only is the Bride lucky to get married there, but I feel lucky to be taking pics there too.

Gotta go and cuddle up with belle, she is feeling very tired today after school.


Sue Ramsay said...

For a split second there Kirsty I thought you had found a picture of my house.........then I realised - mines bigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH - I wish.
Sue xxx

rmeyfe said...

That is by far the nicest place I have ever seen. You are so lucky to get to go there and be allowed to have your camera to boot!!

Enjoy!! And next time, try doggie treats in the purse, that might change his mind on how cute it is!! :)

Tonya said...

That picture of you bribing your Dachs with the bone is sooo...cute!
WOW! What I wouldn't give to have gotten married in that little bungalow!

Denise said...

That is a cute purse. I think you should have bought two. Just to prepared when it get chewed on. :o)

The photos of the wedding are going to be amazing. Such a beautiful location! Have a blast!

Houston said...

Oooh, you know i love a Dachs post, that Eddie just makes me smile... mine has the same type of typical Dachs emotions.
Great wedding location, seriously getting very jealous of your jetsetter ways.

Karen said...

I am sending you a cleaning bill as you have just made me snort with laughter into my mug of tea which leapt out of my mug all over my pc and all over me!

*reyanna klein* said...

This post was hilarious! I laughed a lot. Thank you. Cute purse! I hope you're able to get another dog. Two is SO much better than one. My hubby *begged* me for a 2nd dog... didn't take much convincing... ;-) Super-cute puppy purse too! Adorable. :)

And that castle! WOW! Have fun! Can't wait to see those photos! :D

cheryl said...

fab isn't it.... shame we only get to use a little biddy bit of it. see you there.

Kate said...

OMG I love that purse and the dog ain't half bad either LOL

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Dachs really do have a character all of their own don't they. A big dog squished into a little dog, belonging to the upper class of doggyness. A strange combo that works so well.

Please don't trash the pad while you're there, it cost me a small fortune to reburbish the last time, and hours of faux painting and gilding that I'm not keen to repeat for quite some time, LOL.

Luv Dee xxx

Nina said...

Awwww super cute purse! As I have a scottie and a westie I collect anything with them on!

Jaye said...

Too Cute!

Linby said...

Hi Kirsty - did you know that Kelham hall is the office of the local council! I have been there on business in the spring when the daffs are out and I would love to work in that environ.


Secret Crafter said...

This is the first time I've visited your blog and what a hoot! You made me giggle with your dachs post.

What a lucky bride to be getting married in such a beautiful place - I wish I'd been asked to make her invitations!

I'll be adding myself to your list of followers. :-)

Secret Crafter said...

Me again - oops! Just gone to add myself to your followers list and you don't have one.

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Gorgeous building very awe inspiring. Your little dog is gorgeous I have 2 toy poodles they are cute and collectable too. That purse is just darling. janex