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3 Sep 2009

Purging again

The lack of internet enthusiasm, at this end, is supported by two facts.

ONE: I am mac-less and therefore not using a computer as much to do what I need to do (and hate having to use Marko's cacka babba lala pooter poo poo crappo thing)

TWO: I am purging - again. I have to make room for some amazing new stamp pads courtesy of Stampin Up along with matching card stock and ribbons. These will co-ordinate perfectly with the stamps I am about to batter to death from Craftwork Cards (I urge you to check out both their sites if you need a splendid splurge). Stampin Up's colour range is exceptional and I never thought Id buy into a regime or party plan ever again. In fact, I never even went to a party. I saw the colours of the inks and was instantly drawn in.

If anyone lives in the Wigan area and wants to help me offload some supplies, please email me (address in side bar) and you can come and collect. A box full awaits your grabbage.


Rachel said...

yeah for a new Stampin' Up! Addict :-)

Vee harve arr vays ov makin you buy buy buy - well not really - we just show you the product and it sells itself :-)

Jackie said...

Ha, wish I lived in Wigan :)

Rach said...

Boooooo hope your mac is better soon!

OK, I don't live in Wigan, but I'm not far away! Will happily help you out with a new home for any bits and bobs :D


Katty Bell said...

OMG! I can't believe you used the words cacka spooky! I thought it was only me that used such wierd and wonderful terminology :)
My first pet was called, 'Cacka'.. full name 'Cacka-babba-bang-bang-wimpo!'
It was the runt from a litter that had a prob with it's back end doings, hence the name.

Anonymous said...

driving as we speak....could be in wigan for teatime.....god,if only it were true!
Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Lynn said...

I live in Leigh and work in a primary school here. Would happily take some stuff off your hands, we could certainly make use of it.

Lynn x

Lynn said...

Just realised that you asked for e-mails not comments on this post ... but can't see an e-mail address. Am I just being thick?

Lynn x

juliejules said...

Hey glad you like your SU inkpads, they are the best, but I am a bit biased! Jules x