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24 Sep 2009

Postal strikes

Just because I live in the North West doesn't mean that we don't have the same services as everyone else. Or does it?
I am getting lots of mail late and its starting to make me feel really annoyed. In return, Ive got a parcel go missing on the way to Practical Publishing and there is no way you can put a price on lost artwork, is there?
So I gets my Kit on Tuesday from Studes (VERY LATE - normally get it around 16th/17th bearing in mind my layouts have to be done by the 23rd...cry cry) but strangely it arrived in its own sack. Normally it lands in its own box but no it came in its own box in its own sack - a white one. White, dusty, feels funny to touch one.
Well you could have lit the world with the look on Ellies face. She thought it was funny and fabtastic at the same time.... the strange little girl. So endearing, to be honest. She answered the door and took the sack from the ridiculously ever delivering late Parcelforce guy and heaved it through to the lounge (don't you just love that you can send your kids to the door for mail ... this is a novelty for me!).
Mum, you have got a sack, she says
and I wonder if Santa Claus had come early. (He cant get down our chimney, its blocked off. Thought he might have taken offence and delivered all my wish list early in preparation).
I sit up and look at the label. It was a Studes parcel (you know, my fave ever scrapbook kit) and I thought why the hell have I got a sack? So I read the label further and discovered that my parcel went via New York then Jamaica (WHAT?) then Heathrow and then sat on a pallet for days on end until some kind soul decided enough was enough - Kirsty needed her damn parcel but to make up for it, Ill put it in a sack so she knows how much we care about her.Ellie was not even a jot disappointed that she didn't get anything from within it. But she did help me open the box which had some extra goodies in the form of two D ring AC albums (are there any other type worthy enough?) some page protectors in 12x12 and 8.5x11 - enough to store 200 layouts and my kit.
For some reason I didn't get my add on this month and I had plans for that add on. So instead I drove over to Sarahs Cards to collect other items that match this kit so well. She had just taken delivery of the NEW BG... OMG, BG BG BG BG BG BG BG BG BG. I love Basic Grey. The Indian Summer is NOT my fave colection, I have to say, but their stickers and stamps and chipboard bits are luscious. I got MME stuff, Jenny Bowlin Stuff - the works. I mean, this girl is on my doorstep and I can pretty much top up my kits non-stateside. Plus, when you get to go shopping at Sarahs (make arrangements first as she is not strictly B&M and oh! Hello Sarah ;)) you also get to see the most cheekiest 2 year old twins in the world. Oh I do love those little kids. Amelia and James are the sweetest little gifts. If only I lived MUCH closer.
So the moral of the story is....Postal strikes are a pain but shopping to take the edge off it in your fave local store is the best best best thing a gloomy week in Wigan can bring-ment. Oh and add a swiss roll to that and it ends in perfection. And a box of After 8's. And fish finger sammiches. And Cool flavoured Doritos.

Gotta go, Sam Currie is about to pay me a visit and we have a mini tea party to endure. Bummer. Plus, Ellie is off sicksvilles and so she is tucked up in bed with healthy nibbles, books and endless visits from me for cuddles, snuggles and sick kid breath (nice).


Taniwha said...

I just realised I never leave you comments but I read your blog all the time. So I thought I'd say hi! Love Sarah's Cards, one of my favourite stores. I'm lucky to have Paper Arts on the doorstep but I do love an order from Sarah! Glad you got your kit, sack & all and I'll be waiting to see what you do with it. I am loving all 3 add-ons this month and am waiting for Sunday to buy them all mwahahaha! xXx

anita said...

hi kirsty, thanks for the comment on my blog. the little trailer works a treat for Willis and is well worth every penny! we paid a little extra for a more robust one (as willis is no feather weight!). he's still getting used to it, but we went cycling the day before yesterday and did about 25km when normally if we have him with us we have to stop at about 10k.
i have seen bigger ones that fit kids good luck getting one!

Jo said...

Hi Sweetie :) One of my SC kits came in a scak - I find the sack very uesful for taking the grass clippings to the tip :)

(And Jamaica is a region of New York :D ).


Jo said...

^^ do I get a prize for most typos?

Kerry said...

Not got my kit either yet so there must be some major delays somewhere along the line. I reckon mine is too busy sunning itself in Jamaica to bother hopping in a special sack.

Houston said...

That's hilarious, hope it arrived nice and tanned from Jamaica!

Kate said...

LOL Love the sack and the pic of Ellie with your doggie is so cute!!
Gosh I want fish finger sandwiches now!! Oh an Tomato sauce with them too!
I got distracted by the lovely wallpaper in your pic, did you have some left over to scrap with???
Can wait to see what lovely things you create with your kit!!

Kate said...

Can't wait, I meant can't !! LOL