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2 Sep 2009


In a blinding flash of smokes, she was gone.
To school.
Year 9, ey? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.

She was all properly excited carrying her brand spanking new Jane Norman bag, new pencil case filled with the gorgeous scent of colouring pencils (she insists on pencils for break time artistry and I know she uses them lots-ly as I have to sharpen them on a reg basis). She also shoved two lip balms in her bag (not mine, harumph!), a pair of sunnies for the vitamin D session she needs whilst sitting in the (non existent) sun, a smelly rubber (essensh!) and her dinner money.

I dropped her off at the posh entrance to the school (a perk for my lady Belle) which has new wheelchair access and push button door openings for the disabled at large. We are not comfortable sending her to school in a wheelchair yet and she doesn't **really** need to get around school in one for the hassle it would cause. By hassle, I mean the guff that comes with being obviously disabled. She still uses her electric wheelchair for the odd occasions where she has a long distance between classes but that is just once or twice a week. I must admit, it crucifies me to think of how she copes with me making the decision about her wheelchair but she needs to get stronger and it ain't going to happen if she doesn't apply the effort to walk a little more. And besides, her personal wheelchair is self propelled and she cant bloody push herself in it anyway. **going to stop here before I get too mad about the intricacies of her condition**

So anyway, she stoops into school without so much as a backwards glance at me weeping little bittersweet tears and there she was - gone.

**Tumbled weed moment and rushes of eerily sounding wind**

I called in at the pharmacy on the way back to collect her vitamin D supplement. They took an age to find it in the shop. This is in addition for the age it took to order it. Apparently its a rare medicine. I opened it whilst I was there to see if it was a regular tasting medicine or one of those where it makes you gag just thinking about it, let alone taking it. This stuff is made with Olive Oil.
Olive frigging oil?
Ugh :(
I asked the pharmacist how on earth she was going to take it and he gave me a syringe (minus needle) and said it would be **best** to take it that way with an evil glint in his eye. I really did hear the "Mwahahahahahahhahaha" emanating from his subconscious. Poor little Belle. Its making me gag just thinking about telling her let alone the actually time I come to give dosage.

I can't wait for 3.15pm to go and collect her and hear about her day.............. I'm just trying to find ways to kill the time until then and then after today, the rest of the school year will pretty much fly by before the next 6 weeks summer holidays.


Suzi said...

:o :O shes got to take it HOW?!
i'm shocked! vit D supplement is a standard thing they give to babies here in spain ..even though they don't need it, to help close the fontanelle(which is a silly idea because it closes itself!)
would it be the same thing.. or is it something special Ellie's vit D is?
the one we have is taken orally...
i wonder if we can get it without prescription here....

Tara said...

Can you add a little garlic to it and use it as a salad dressing?
It is strange that it doesn't come in capsule form. Our health food stores here have EVERYTHING in capsule form. I can't imagine that a vitamin D suppliment wouldn't. But maybe it's not just vitamin D ... are there other things added in?

Houston said...

Loves if you want supplement pills, although this might be more, let me know and I'll get them for you!
Glad to know I was not the only one who heard that eery wind, so much spark leaves the house when they head back off to school.
Hope she had a wonderful day, H

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

OMG, olive blumming oil. I hate the stuff, poor Ellie. Surely there is an alternative somewhere. For Ellies sake I hope there is.

luv Dee xxx

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Wishing your lady Belle a wonderful academic year, full of interesting stuff and friends. :)

cla16e said...

The shringe things are so much easier than using a spoon or why not try mixing it with a bit of pure orange juice, it works a treat as it hides the disgusting flavour!

cla16e said...

oops sorry, forgot....... hope lady belle had a wonderful day at school.x

Anonymous said...

I got myself a bottle of cod liver oil on recommendation of my BIL, and you have to just pinch you nose shut and take it. I was only doing a teaspoonful, and I got some that was flavored with a bit of lemon, so it really was not that bad. I was sure it would gag me, but it didn't. Hopefully Ellie won't find it that horrific.

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Oh I hope darling Ellie had the best day. Yuck, olive oil. My vitamin drops are vanilla flavour and I didn't need a script. It seems as though there must be different types and strengths? I wish I could send Ellie the vanilla flavour ones. Hopefully you can jazz up the taste.