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5 Sep 2009

Photo activity resumes

Ive had a distinct lack of photo activity with my blog posts. This week saw me mac-less and although that doesn't essentially stop me taking photos, it does stop me uploading and resizing them in Lightroom (my new uberistically coolio photo editing software). There was no way on gods earth I was doing that on Marks old aged pc from what feels like 1995; that thing literally groans when you press a letter on the keyboard let alone when its running a command. Bluergh.
So now I can post Belles back to school pics, pictures of the last of my crap random eats (im favouring some superfoods right now; to make me super of course. Well, actch, its to help boost my system and have my skin glowing for my amazing 8 minutes of fame on QVC at the end of Sept) and of course, pics of the dog. No blog post is complete without a pic of our ginger sausage.

Belle back from her first day of school. She abso loved it. Im so happy she enjoys it but it doesn't stop me worrying about her future. Isn't she a love? Laughing so hard at her collar. Her shirt fits her body lovely but the neck is massive and the tie really squishes the neckline. Me thinks we need starch!

Ive cut out crappo lunches like this baby, here. Salt and vinegar crippy sammiches are a thing of the past since Thursd.

Instead I have been eating shed loads of beans. Full of antioxidants and gaseous creating energy. Like cornflakes, you forget how GOOD they taste. (thats a ring of brown sauce you see there. no bean goes passed my lips until its generously coated in HP)
The boy sat on a blanket on the window ledge where he barks at leaves and grass billowing in the wind. Sometimes he might even bark at an air molecule dashing past the window. This little sod stops at nothing when it comes to being grumpy at "things moving".
I took delivery of my Studio Calico kit, yest, which should have arrived around 17/18 Aug. YEAH! I KNOW! The industrial action taken by postal workers in London saw a back log of deliveries from Heathrow/Gatwick/Stanstead/Luton etc etc and that included my kit. Ive worked on it yest and today and have wazzed up 4 layouts (minus pics) already. Need to make a few more things before I can get them uploaded to my fave scrapbooking kit club. Ive had to be inventive with this kit as I didn't order many add ons and because of that I have not got many embellishments to play with. I found it quite fun to go back to basics to make the most of my layouts :) **sigh, I really do love to scrapbook**

Today, Mark and I finished edging and glossing the hallway. We ordered the carpet and have also ordered a custom made radiator cover on which I plan to place all sorts of knick knacks for them only to be knocked off again as we pass it with shopping from the car. Our hall way was awful before, realy sickeningly ugs. We had artexed walls in the most ridiculous design with a glum cream paint covering, yucksvilles teak coloured woodwork and a hideous dark stained wooden door that made me always glad to leave the house rather than be welcomed by it. Now we have freshly plastered smooth walls, all in white. The woodwork is all white and we have a spanking new front door in a frighteningly bright and glorious white. We have one wall that has been painted a ridiculously gorgeous duck egg blue on which I will fill with white framed black and white pics. Im so excited for it to be almost complete and of course I will very much bore you all with the pictures once Ive made the curtains (yeah, check out Mrs posh domestic pants, here) and inspected the finishes with a keen eye.

I didn't even properly get dressed today neither. I paraded around the house in one of Marks old painting t shirts and my grundies. It felt quite liberating (even though I do wear less at the beach - i.e. no t-shirt but with a target on my back reading "harpoon me here") and although nobody but the dog could see up my t shirt (remember, he is ankle height) I was satisfied in the knowledge that any paint spillage would not ruin yet another pair of trousers. Belle stayed in her PJ's all day too - I abso love to wear slobby clothes, no make up and sport unbrushed hair days - they are my favourite and my best.

X factor was good again tonight. We loved Lucy singing "I will always love you" and the acapella number from Lloyd. Im excited about this x-factor and Ellie and I will be you-tubing the show tomorrow to get our fix until next weeks episode.

Right I am off to go and see what lovely things I can make with the rest of my Studes kit.

Toodle oooooo x

PS: I have a bella belle bella announcement to make tomorrow. Be sure to tune in with your ice cream and pasta heads on. No, Im not preggo.


Anonymous said...

Ellie looks gorge (Kyle agrees ;o),and Caitlin says she looks soo grown up !! I can empathise with the decorating upheaval (kitchen in progress ).Glad you have been reunited with Mac and you already look fab so dont worry about QVC appearance ,Luv n hugs to you n yours fae the Knotts clan
Tracy xxxx

Lynn said...

Love the pick of Ellie, my 'baby' has just gone into year 10 and I can't believe how quick the years fly by. If you want to cut down on 'fats' don't butter your toast but spread it with brown sauce then top with beans ... it's really yummy.

Lynn x

Anonymous said...

hmmm-bet your ass smells as good as Eddies!
Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

thekathrynwheel said...

Yay! We're with you on the pyjama days. Back to school will be a shock for my two this week, they'll actually have to get dressed :-))) See you at Harrogate (You don't know me but I feel like I do know you!) Kate

Houston said...

Waiting with baited breath... mostly because I just had the most garlicky meal... to hear the news. Hugs, H

Katty Bell said...

Love your pics and story telling,they always cause a smile or two :)
X factor is deffo hotting up... some really good acts this time around.

Anonymous said...

Gosh year nine is almost the end of their compulsory education so she is very grown up and will want her freedom and peer group more and more now. Wonder if Bele will continue in the sixth form ? If not only one more year after this to cope with the upheaval of new school terms etc! Good luck! !

Anonymous said...