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18 Sep 2009

Make over by an 8 year old

I spent the day at my freind Janes house yesterday. She is crazy (pic taken by her daughter, Lady K)
From 11.30am until 1am we chatted and mooched about like proper friends do. Sometimes saying lots and sometimes sat at each others laptops; making things, searching things, laughing about things.

Id never been shopping in Wilmslow before and I quietly went about my business as Jane had her hair styled at the dressers. Its a long time since I went for coffee on my OWN and I totally enjoyed the experience even if a chunk of Rocky Road cake fell in my mouth and made me feel sick afterwards. You just cant beat a skinny caramel macchiato and a good read away from home with no Internet and no phones going off every 5 seconds.
As Jane and I picked up the girls sometime later, we head off back home and though Wilmslow again and who did we see nipping into Waitrose? Only Ken bloody Barlow! I couldn't whip me camera out quick enough but I have to say I was really delighted he is as naturally grumpy in real life as the rest of us;) FUN!

So we get back to Janes and set about wondering what task the girls would stumble across for us. I absolutely adore her daughters of whom you might remember from this shoot here. Little Miss C and Lady K are proper girly girls whose temperaments go from cuddly to tantrum-istic in 2 seconds flat. I love it and most of all I laugh at it. Lady K is a total performer who loves to dance and get all creative and of whom insisted I undergo a makeover. I said she could if I could make her over at the same time. I purposely gave her the most horrific colours on her face to turn it into a bit of fun but she soon realised and then went to town on my face.

Oh we did laugh!

Finally here is a simples little card I made for my stock of "emergency" cards. Having fun playing with Sakura's watercolour brushes and a new stamp that I picked up at the Harrogate Show :)
Gotta shoot, im teaching a live online class to some incredibly bella bella's in Italy. Its a mini made from used envelopes and vintagey finds. Will offer this as a class in the UK if there is enough interest. At the time of this blog post going to print, Lori (the girl who runs the italian retreats) has just asked me to photograph her wedding next July. Now I really do have to go on that online Italian course.... I can hardly even speak English - HELP!

Arriva Deci xx

PS: If you are in Burnley on sat (this weekend) bob into the Craft Range to see what jolly Personal Impressions stuff I am demoing :)


Scrapping4fun said...

Kirsty that looks like a fab mini, would be interested in a class.

Deanne said...

love the new stamp and that class looks fun :)

Lynz said...

Kirsty, I would love to do this class! I still adore the one I made using the CD case and cable ties!!

Dylan said...

OOOHHHHH I am so jealous. How come two of the musketeers met up without the third. Err mebbes cos I,ne dropped o0ff the radar at mo, lol.Smelly Poo to you both..!!! xx

Kate said...

That class looks great!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEASE do it here!!!
And your card is gorgeous!
Love your makover too!! Hee hee!

Kate said...

Still have my envelopes ready and waiting from when you mentioned this proj before, so I'm in!! ** Kate **

Rae said...

OOOOh! kirsty! so very fetching! are the girls taking bookings?? ;)

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Oh kirsty, the heavy handed paint it on approach suits you so well, tee-hee.

Spotted your designs in Simply Cards.... They look stunning, wish I could get up there for one of your demos or workshops.

Why can't we have more going on down here in the south, it's like living in a craft famine, lol.

Luv Dee xxx

Craft Fairy said...

Love the make over!! Also lovin the little bit of wire you have used on the bow - looks fab!

Anonymous said...

Can i ask a question???
i read your blog and i know your a supporter of all military things and are very proud of the boys and girls......

so why do you even step foot in starbucks????
the very company who charged the emergency service workers to take water from there stocks when 9-11 happened and who actively discourage the american war in the middle east...

i for one will never support such people. and never drink there whilst they profiteer on the bodies of those that needed water and fight so that fat old biffs can drink comfortably there shitty crappy frapachinomochalatte.

just wondered how you resolve it??


hi hun,
Nice pic of me...feel so proud!!...

Lady K loves you to bits she even gets excited when I say your name (even though she calls you Christine...)

Ms Dyan, you are welcome anytime bu you will have to leave Harrogate....
Lisa T