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14 Sep 2009

How rude of me

...........I never left links for the previous items on etsy.
A couple of bloggers wanted links to them but I only have these - the rest have been sold!
The beautiful light grey scarf can be found here and no that is not the one I bought. I bought the second one but asked for it to be crocheted in dark grey.
The button collector painting can be found here.
For my sweet beignet loving friend, that necklace has gawn - GAWN i tell you. For super alternatives though, check these babies out:

I LERB this one HERE and check out her entire shop
and this lil number HERE (pricey though!) and check out her entire shop
I love this the most though - HERE

I have to say I am obsessed with etsy scarves lately, I want them all.
I think I HAVE to have this one here .......That rose!
Love the colours in this 70's style scarf here
This is a fun blue felt crocheted number here
This would so get caught on every door knob and my jewellery - but still, i lubs here
Loves this too here
If I could get away with wearing lace at my age and not feeling 86, Id wear this here
And lastly this simples one, here
Ive not blogged over the weekend due to being at the Harrogate show working at Craftwork Cards breakfast workshops and appearing sporadically on Dyans stand AKA Art from the Heart. Not a moment over the whole event wasn't I chatting with people (my favourite part) and shopping for the essential essentials. I replaced some paint dabbers of which some had been used to death and others had dried up, a Martha Stewart punch, a leafy punch, storage solutions, a brayer (at last!), more stickles, stamps and some other tid bits. The fix had been fix-ted, at least

But Ive come home and I am really under the weather. I feel incredibly tired (but not ill). I can feel myself nodding off right now. I went to bed at midnight last night (which is RARE) and fell asleep so deeply that Mark had to wake me up in the night to shove me over to my side of the bed as I had allowed Eddy to sleep on my head which subconsciously made me move over. Duh, I was very very tired. That dog will be the curse of Mark and I!!!

Toodle oo


cheryl said...

get some sleep woman! we can't have you nodding off through the doubt you snore!!!!

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Yes get some sleepeth. We need perky mad woman comments. Life is too boring without you's chirping us little funnies.

Just had very funny vision of you snoring at ceremony, fancy hat slipped over your forehead and camera clicking away coz your finger is on the button!!!

Luv Dee xxx

Anonymous said...

wish I'd known you wanted a brayer-I've had one for years,never used it!!!!!
start posting a regular wish list...I bet Ive got em all, unused,in my room of crap(i mean craft)
Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Kate said...

Gosh those scarves are gorgeous. You're making me wasn to start crocheting!!! LOVE them all!

Lynn said...

Hope you're feeling a little better :) Wow those etsy goodies really are beautiful, must have a browse ...