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1 Sep 2009

Home again :)

I love being away and yet I hate it.
I hate unpacking and putting everything away before I can "set to" again.
I hate unpacking and realising Ive also left something.
My bloody lap top - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Nonetheless, Mark has a steam driven beast in his office to help me while away my emailing hours until the laptop makes its way back from the east to the west. My computer activity will be practically quartered as his monster of a PC groans and sudders at the slightest click of a button.

So this weekend? Everyone knows that the August Bank holiday is fraught with day trippers, holiday makers and traffic. Oh, and barbies! Heeeeeeeeeeeeee, we loves a barby. It always tastes so delish eating outside and enjoying it with family. My bro (Leigh) and his wife (Kerry) popped over on Sunday to join in the festivities.
Leigh does have a natural smile but when out pops a camera it turns into a grimace or the mugshot of a convicted murderer. At least Kerry softens the blow.

This girl? My wild, curly haired girl :)
Does she remind you of anyone?!!!!!This amazing performer here (click HERE to see his x factor performance from Saturday night. She was actually watching this clip on you tube when I took this picture). We have watched him about 15 times now. LOVE HIM!

Lots of Wii Resort action this weekend too. I can't believe our parents have almost mastered the entire games on there!

My boy being cuddled by Uncle Leigh
The manly men.
Have beer, have tongs, must grunt and provide for um woman.
Laughing hard at Mark heaving his belly in.This is his very manly pose for the camera.
I can see you all swooning ;)

What is it about men turning sausages that gives them a blast of testosteronic prowess?
Am suddenly catapulted into a Vogue like photo shoot with the lovely Kerry

Belle, still rocking out from the "Sex on Fire" rendition by the afro guy above :)

The manly-ness turned to slushfest after Leigh burned his poor arm. My mum shoved a wedge of Aloe Vera on the scorcher and wound it with medi-tape (she swears by that stuff and gives us it all for every ailment!). What a fruit nut loop he is!

This weekend we also got to work on Ellie and how to spend, use, add and subtract money. Ellie's worst subject is Math and I mean that its very, very poor. And yet, weirdly, she excels in Science, which relies on mathematics. I do feel for her, struggling like that. So we set up a shop in Mums kitchen and set her tasks to spend in certain increments or perhaps buy as much as she can for a fiver (gotta teach that girl how to bargain shop - I am the queen of bargain shopping!). At first she found it difficult but after a while she got to grips with counting out the right money. We let her add her totals up, with a calculator (smalls steps and all that) but then get to to give herself change from notes using mental arithmetic.

I am so proud of how much she achieved in such a small session but its going to take a lot and I mean a lot of practice. I just wish school would give her more time with it. I think in some cases they are trying to make her run before she walk with certain aspects of Math. She starts year 9 tomorrow and its her year for options. Im going to walk along her side to help her as much as I can but this year is big for her; just lets see what happens.

And finally.
I took this picture of my mum when she wasn't looking yesterday.
This is so typically my mother :)
Smoking and reading a paper.
I cant believe I missed her cup of tea. She drinks gallons of the stuff.
Most people are indignant towards the cavalier yet contemporary advertisement of smoking. I don't support it but it is a true reflection of who she is and I really like this picture of her.

Im going to do a series of candid photos like this and make a coffee table scrapbook of our family. Who can recommend bargain price photobooks for me, please?

Ok, going shopping for Ellie a new school bag. I am informed that I can only get it from Jane Norman and that its got to be spangly. She is coming with me to check up on me so that's an afternoon of fun for us :)


Suzi said...

i've always used photobox for photobooks, but wait til they've got an offer on and its cheaper!!
I love the way you've been helping Ellie with her maths! very good mummy.

much love! Suzi xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Photobox for your table book chick! If you're patient you'll get a bargain there too. Sometimes 3 for 2 or 2 for £??.


Sue Ramsay said...

~Cant believe school isnt addressing the Math problem grrrr. The gap is just going to get wider and wider ooooooooh dont get me started lol!!
Wish she lived nearer Id ask to work with her!
I adore the picture of your mum it looks so natural.
Take care
Sue xx

Rachel said...

Sounds like you had a brilliant weekend Kirsty, I hope Ellie gets to grip with her maths, my daughter has the same problem with maths, its heartbreaking to watch sometimes...



Sarah xx said...

What a really lovely picture of your mum - just ignore the anti - smoking moaners. Looks like you had a fab weekend xxx

Heather said...

Gosh I can't believeshe's going into Year 9 already.Have fun Ellie

Katherine said...

We swear by - their books are the best. The small soft cover ones start at £7 and the quality is amazing. They come from the states but still I haven't seen anything to beat them. Katherine x

Lil' Ol' Me said...

I recommend for photobooks, fab! Have you asked school if Ellie can come out of lessons for more maths? I work as a teaching assistant in secondary school and some of our kids come out of R.E or modern languages to have more literacy or maths work. Its worth asking. I was useless at maths (my mother was mortified with my Grade 5 CSE, I was elated I didnt fail!) but now I am back in school as a TA I am taking full advantage of learning it all again and with MUCH better teaching methods. She will get there with your support and making it fun is a great start to encouraging Ellie to do that bit extra. Good luck with year 9 Ellie

Anonymous said...

Gosh I would hope any school would be helping a teenager who is in year nine and needing help with maths ike this. If your daughter requires so much help at age 13 or so that she needs to be playing shops why not ask for extra help and also possibly consider use of a private tutor who could do the games and things she enjoys which would not be happening in a secondary school classroom? Worth a try maybe and would possibly assist her to move forward to apply maths as her peers are too? Good luck!

Anonymous said...