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21 Sep 2009

holy victorian mansions!

Did I have the treat of my life as I took very happy wedding pics at Kelham Hall on Sunday or what? When I walked into the gaff I was overwhelmingly dumbstruck, so much that tears pricked my eyes.... it's absolutely yumptious. I cannot believe this building is the Nottingham and Sherwood county council offices. Compared to the wigan offices (dump) and other civil ceremony town halls etc (also dumps) this has to be the most exquisite of them all. Although, to be fair, Stockport's town hall is rather lovely. Maybe Bridlington but you know, they are barely as amazing as this place.

The civil suite was a work of art and the room leading to it is fabulous and the grounds and the hallways and the side rooms.

Cheryl was right when she explained to me that this place was a bit special.
Hasn't she got a cracking smile? She arrived in a rather swish Aston Martin on a very warm, very lovely early autumn afternoon. The kind of golden light that makes everyone look healthy and happy.

I knew a couple of the guests - they are crazy. They are best fun and even attempted to make a mini book on the day using an instant photo printer and scrap supplies but poor Nicola left her charger at home so that was quashed. Funny though.
It was a wonderfully happy day; Cheryl had a smile constantly on her face. She was laughing here because half way down the aisle is a column and they had to break "holding hands". She tried to pull him her side and he tried to pull her on his side - see, they started as they mean to go on!!She laughed even more so when her husband to be, Denis, mobile went off mid ceremony. It was only his message tone but had the phone actually rang it would have been an apt moment to play his current ring tone of "Begging you for Mercy" by Duffy. Now that would have been hilarious but still, it raised smiles all round.

This is everyone - I LOVE this shot

Dear Cheryl and Denis - It was a lovely opportunity to be a part of your gorgeous day :) Thank you xxxx

After the service I nipped over to my sisters house who only lives 30 minutes from the venue. I do love having a get together with her... she is hilarious. And instead of the usual grouse or other fancy stuffed wild bird to eat we opted for an indian takeaway. I wish I lived closer to her :(

I spent this morning just touching up a few of the wedding photos. I don't want to spend the rest of my life editing photos, its truly not worth the hours of "photoshop perfecting" when all you have to do is do it properly in camera in the first place. As much as I love to see other peoples hard earned editing efforts (Maggie Holmes for starters - I love her style of photography), I refuse to bleach my clients skin tone or over expose them. This is my own personal unique selling point and by sticking to this decision I have saved myself hours of slavery in photoshop; believe me :)

And finally, this afternoon, I had a visit from my friend Tracy who was in the area on a hospital appointment. Sadly Tracy suffered a brain hemorrhage 4 years ago and underwent pioneering surgery to contain the clot instead of removing it. Today she was given the all clear. Its bittersweet in a small way as Tracy and I were school friends in our teens and we lost touch and only recently got back in touch at my sisters reunion (read HERE). When I found about the clot I was more determined for us to stay in contact and this is the first of many visits we will have with each other. My sister and I (plus kids) are off to Holyhead in October for a few days to enjoy more fun nights of memory lanes with Tracy and her sister, Trisha too. Im so so happy about that.

Going to go and shake off the beginnings of a cold - bloody marvellous, I say!


*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, Kirsty! I feel the same way about a lot of photographs these days! They're so washed out that I can barely see faces! Just eyes... and maybe lips! LOL.

You did such a beautiful job on these photos! I can't wait to see more! They look SO happy! I LOVE that. :D

And I'm glad you got to see your sister. I do, also, cherish my time with my sister. We only see each other once a year now... if that, and I miss her oh-so-much.

I'm glad you got to see your friend Tracy too! And I hope you'll get to see more of her as well! I love catching up with old friends. I was able to do that with sisters (met them 9 years ago) this last week, and it was so wonderful.

Glad you had a good time! :)

Rae said...

BEAutiful! :) SO gutted my sis in law didn't check you out! her loss tho :( pffft!

cheryl said...

fantastic... it's really strange to see pics of yourself on somene elses blog :o) looking forward to seeing the rest of them.
thanks for helping to make our day special.

cla16e said...

That venue looks amazing!!!! I think i need to look at that for my wedding oooh & look at you for my wedding pics!!!!!
The bride has a smile on every picture & its beautiful. All the best to them.

Sue Ramsay said...

So glad to hear your friend Tracy is okay, its a very very scary thing to live through. My husband (ex now) had one 9 year ago at Christmas and almost lost him, I aged so much overnight! Give her my love and tell her she rocks!
Sue x

Kat_RN said...

Wow! The place really is amazing. Your photos really do it justice. I know how hard it can be to get good interior shots like that. Your wedding photos are special, I do not know any of the people involved but your photos really give me a feel of them as people. Isn't that what good portrait photography is all about?
I love photoshop, for play, or restoring old slides, but as you say, why spend the hours touching up when a few minutes and some thought before clicking the shutter can avoid it.

Lynn said...

Lovely photos and the bride looked so happy. Think I would have shoved 'trainer guy' to the back though, doidn't he hnow he was going to a wedding?
Please tell where to find Sarahs Cards as good papercraft shops are thin on the ground in this area.

Lynn x

Jenny said...

Oh wow, that venue is amazing Kirsty, gorgeous photography!