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15 Sep 2009

Finally, at last - hooray

My kit (from my fave scrapbook kit company - Studio Calico) last month arrived so late that I missed the reveal and judging by the tossing stupid posties threatening more industrial action, I can see this months being late again. Cry cry cry.
So, without further ado - this is what i came up with from one kit and one add on with loads left over for other crazy layouts that take my fancy.

You may laugh your head off at this layout using photobooth pics of me in my horrific state of barnet styles from the 80's. What was I thinking? Mum - its your could have told me!
Peanut packing - oh man, the day we opened a box and found that peanut packing to be shaped like letter "E's" was magic. Ellie was besides herself. I spray painted the layout first and then worked bits of the kit into the circles which I punched out of the blue.

Tea party - on scrummy bunting. I wondered how long it would take me before I scrapped that amazing tea party where I prepared the bestest dainty sammiches in the world (and not big butch, ugly ones that mark made two weeks later - bluergh)

In progress - she is not quite yet a butterfly; she is still in that catalyst and will one day emerge all growed and amazing. I used the insides of the letters O and G to make the caterpillar and that jenny bowling butterfly rub on is the best!

They spread amongst a blossom carpet - yes they do! Our local park, in May was saturated with blossom leaves and what better way to show off the photos but to majorly blossom-ify the whole damn page!
7 days - not its real title as I didn't give this page a real title but this layout was made using leftovers and on the reverse of a lovely patterned paper that had this grid system on it. Simples.

Sibs - as in siblings. Look at me and my sis....what a freak show of nasty 80's attire. Look away now if you are offended by the colour scheme of our tres fashionable clobber!

Year 9 - I love this layout. i made it from all my littley bits from some of the generous BG June Bug from the kit.

I couldn't bare to throw that BG sticker sheet away when it matched so perf with the orange washed paper. A simple layout about my boy

This layout is for fun. I simply love that Anna Griffin blossomy paper from the Darcy collection and knew it would make a lovely dress. The dachshund cartoons from the BG June bug paper made a wonderful accessory to her frock - you think? And yes I drew that girl - she was a bugger to get right!

Squish - an ode to my niece and a "for fun" play with scrolling. I doubt that I will get that in an album without squishing it. It will have to go on an easel instead. I used the middles of the letters O and G again to make the posy :)

And lastly.... its my week on the Studes blog with Maggie Holmes. We have set a challenge to our members (and non members... please feel free to play along) to make a layout with no patterned paper, no embellies, no alphas, no stamps and no thread. Just paint, mists, cardstock of any colour, punches and pens. Oh and a photo. This is my take on the challenge with purposed drippy paint bit (i didnt slop, honest!)

It feels good to go back to the rawness of scrapbooking which is a photo and journalling. I have to admit, I missed using a bit of ribbon here and there.


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Hey chick!!! Gotta say something about these LOs you've produced....

Freeking awsome!!!

Hugs xx

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Fantastic LO's as always. What a busy little bee you've been.

I too am in mourning for Greys, life is just not complete without it, and it's not right that we have to wait soooo looooooong to get it over her. NOT RiGHT I tell you.

Luv Dee xxx

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, lush layouts (as usu!)

how's daily life now it's all returned back to nirmal - arrghh - dark at 8.14 last night - dady chrimbo just around the corner!!!

Add me on twitter (hellogorgeous)

take care hon ;o) xxx

stephanie howell said...

go away with your FABULOUSNESS. gah, you are so talented it makes me want to vom.

Brenda Hurd said...

hey cutie -love all of your projects - there were so many - i thought i would love them here instead of the gallery! The title of the first one cracks me up! love it!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures - good to see a little girl having so much fun! I was confused as I thought your daughter was in year nine and I thought that was around the age of 13/14 or so now but maybe I am wrong when I see her with the e's. Maybe your girls just look so similar if there are two of them..must be getting confused in my old age!! Doesn't take much!

Houston said...

Sigh... it was all fabulous this month darling, truly fabulous... even with the garrish 80's photos ;)

Eleanor said...

You are without a doubt the most versatile and talented designer out there. These layouts are just tremendous, so varied and inspiring.
Keep doing your thing Kirsty.

lisa dickinson said...

oooh, these were SO worth the wait! loving every little bit! :)

Sarah xx said...

OH MY GOD!!!! These LO's are awesome!! I love them all they are so amazingly creative. I want just an ounce of your creativity to run through me so i can make such lovelyness as these. Kirsty - this is you at your scrapping queen bestness!!! Am off to my zone

sarah copeland said...

i love your layouts, so fresh and yummy!

cannycrafter said...

Love, love, love it all!!!!!!! xx

Nikky Hall said...

mwaahahahah - what memories, my sis had that very same blue velour top you are sporting in that layout! She wore it till it was threadbare she loved it so much! thanks for making me larf hun xxx

ChrisC said...

So beautyfull.
first time in your blog and just one think ... Wouaw sincerly.

mommy2alex said...

ABSO-scrappin-FABulous layouts!!
You ROCKED that kit:) Wow:) :)
Love how you used the negatives of the letter stickers, genius!!

fan2daryl said...

These are incredible. I have so much trouble leaving the white space alone when I try this style.