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11 Sep 2009

Etsy love

I love Etsy because everything is hand made. I couldnt appreciate anything more than something made with thought and affection let alone blood, sweat and tears. Sadly a great deal of people won't pay the price for handmade goods; rather forgetting how much time went into making an item. For instance, the knitted hats I make take two hours and then 20 minutes for the flower plus I have to take into account the cost of the yarn. If you base that I'm working on a minimum wage of £6.20 an hour times that by two, add 20 minutes for the flower (say £2.05) plus the cost of the yarn at £3.50.... would anyone really pay £17.95 for a simple hat???!!! And that's without postage and Etsy and paypal fees. **sigh** I'm holding off on my hats for a while ;)
It doesn't stop me admiring these little beauties and one of those neck scarves is MINE... guess which one!

This necklace is stunning; a real vintagey style

And this painting reminds me of one of my favourite artists/illustrators... Adolie Day. i love how she has used real buttons on it.
And finally, Barbeque the felt sausage dog...he heeeeeeeee
Join me in Harrogate tomorrow for a breakfast workshop with Craftwork Cards and then on Art from the Hearts stand in the main hall :)
Bring cake!
Bring choc!
Bring fun!


Dylan said...

Bring things to sniff. And gorgeous shoes..!!!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Really liking the first scarf...can you share the seller link as I can't find it on Etsy.

clare said...

I word random a guess that the first one is yours, you lucky girlie xx

Linby said...

I think the first one is yours? Can you say who the painting is by please. I got my bracelet from Etsy after your typewriter key pictures - see it on my blog here

Debbie Dolphin said...

dont give up on the beanie hats they make gorgeous gifts and they are beautiful.but i know what you mean about the time and money.
debbie xxx

Kate said...

I know what you mean about people not willing to pay for handmade things. I think it's only another rafter that knows how much goes into creating something that is actually willing to pay without questioning!

I think the third scarf is yours :-/

Kate said...

Make that a crafter not a rafter LOL

metrochic said...

DUDE. link us up with some sellers! that necklace is AMAZING!

cannycrafter said...

That felt sausage dog looks remarkably like the one I made for you!!! It must be it's secret twin!!! x

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Wow I'm impressed, Debbie 400 gave me your name, your creations are really special, I'm starting a new blog that sould be right up your street