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30 Sep 2009

Essex, Innit?

I have no idea why there is a stigma to the Essex girl. All the ones I know are adorable. Kate from Crafts Beauts for starters and then there is Jo.
I went to The Hanningfields (in Essex) on Monday to do a shoot but also spend the night with Jo before my QVC slot on Tuesday. Its not far from the old smoke and broke up my journey as I had to be there for 10am. Monday was also Jo's birthday and as soon as I arrived we were in the garden taking pics of her beautiful and funny little girl, Charlotte.

I mean with a smile and a giggle like this... who cannot resist falling in love?

Eyes so blue and mesmerising that you could fall into them

I promised never to white out skin but for some reason, this photo required a little pop

Jo and her girl - doing what they did all throughout our 2 part photoshoot...... laugh
Jo is such a kind and gentle person. I like those kind of people, we all ought to cherish and hold on to such friends. When Im swamped in the company of friendly souls it makes me thank my lucky stars I have at least one friend like that if not a dozen. Not only is she lovely but she is also a fabulous cook. You know Im a foody so this was a most welcomed bonus!

The next morning we woke to get ready for the trip into the old smoke. I invited Jo to come to QVC to keep me company and also show her how interesting it is at the studios. I do not envy the fact that Jo has to travel (by train) into London 3 days week as part of her job - I only did it once and found it overwhelming. We arrived at QVC in good time to get ready with my hair and make up (UGH, I hate feels like I have a pair of tights over my head!). Jo and I went up to studio 4 to prepare - you know....TEST THINGS OUT before going live, on air. Of course things work when you are OFF air! I bumped into Dawn Bibby who I haven't see for absolutely yonks plus her husband JJ and not forgetting sweet Leonie. As much as I wanted to sit and catch up, sadly there was not much "free" time. It was buzzin with all sorts of activity and you get a sense of fast energy as all the preparation come to fruition. I was ever so pleased that I was with Antony Heywood - he is one of the nicest presenters I have met at QVC (next to Catherine).

So I go on air at ten to one and Antony opens the sequence (which, by the way is not rehearsed and is truly live - I dont even think there is a 3 second buffer or anything!) and so I go to demo my CD. Normally, on a pc, when you double click an image its meant to bring up a slide show. It did it in the prep time I had - but live on air........Erm, NO! I double clicked and double clicked and double clicked and realised that "hmmmmmmmm, live tv moment! This no worky ". Rather than run screaming out of the studios in blind panic or collapsing on the floor like a pile of unset jelly, we just moved on to showcasing the cards. Almost a minute later the slideshow pops up and we are good to roll again. I mean - you just want to laugh and cry at the same time! 8 minutes goes faster than you think ... not enough time to explain the full workings of a printable CD. But if you are curious and want to know - the simple thing about the CD is you insert it into your pc or mac, the computer opens up a folder, you click that and it opens more folders and in each folder there are several images or papers, tags, greetings and templates. Click on the one you like and press print. See, that was easy to do!

Finally I shall leave you with some layouts that I made for Octobers Studio Calico DT (Need I remind you - its my fave online scrapbook kit). It was very school themed and that meant using my first and second year of primary school pics. I hate that I had to take the pictures indoor at night but at least they made the Dt in the nick of time and I mean...the NICK (hence running out of daylight.

You know, Im convinced this layout is straight - CONVINCED

This layout was not in my plan but it came together real quick in the end. That gorgeous red ink is by Stampin up...their inks are fabulous-o
Oh this girl is my life. Making layouts about her makes me as happy as the layout suggests. And yes, I did snip those quilled style flowers all by my gud dum self
Basic Grey .... oh Basic Grey. My BG love. I went and bought this paper from Sarahs Cards as my extra add on didn't make the kit. She has just got this collection in...go seeeeeeee.
I swear I look like Charles Manson in this pic. This is me aged 5. Thanks for buying the picture, Mum. I look like a right tool. I dont even think I look cute. But still.........
Gotta say I looked cuter at 4 years old, even if the shirt has the most horrific collars.

Aaaaah, tender moments. I love this layout because of the schmancy way I strung the butterflies together.

My patient hubby Mark. Isn't he lovely?

Night all xx


Andie said...

Georgous layouts hun. Those collars could have stabbed someone!

I thought you stayed pretty cool on QVC and it was v funny to much so that i bought your CD.

Well done :-)<

Lil' Ol' Me said...

Lovely layouts Kirsty. I watched you and was shouting at the laptop to work for you. You and Anthony did a great job, didn't appear flustered at all.

Lisa said...

Hey Kirsty,
Saw you on QVC... you did so well. I would have collapsed in a heap crying!!
Love the layouts, they are always so different. I did have a chuckle at the one of your Mark. Is he leaning against something or about to fall straight back like a comedy sketch!
You are such an inspiration and a part of many of our lives, without even knowing!
Love Lisa xx

Linby said...

Felt for you on QVC but thought Antony was really nice and he helped out - glad you got it work in the end.

Angela W said...

Sorry about QVC mishap, I'm sure it worked out! I absolutely love all your layouts! I still can't wait to find out how you did that pretty pink flower! ;)

Helena said...

I love your layouts, especially the schooldays ones!

Yes we're not all bad in Essex!

cannycrafter said...

LOvin the layouts as usual! Fabulous! Missed QVC ;(

UK Scrapbooking Research said...

I love your choice of papers and backgrounds. I new to scrapbooking so am looking at the work of others and trying to work out what works for me!


Barbara said...

Fab layouts Kirsty, I wouldn't dare show my old school photos, and don't look like a tool!
Saw you on QVC, and thought you were one cool dude when I went Pete Tong! I know I would have sworn on air!