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27 Sep 2009

Early autumn walk

It was about time our family of 4 went out to blow the stink off us.

Marko suggested a trip out to Formby to refresh and revive our cabin fever. Ellie walked the whole way round the Squirrel enclosure (ie - quite far) because a wheelchair would never have managed it. It took us forever with frequent pit stops but she managed it. We are so proud of her. There were so many interesting things to look at and the dog was besides himself with smells that would only satisfy a dogs nose. They stick their noses everywhere, don't they? Ugh, Im not coming back as way, hosay.

This was us today totally enjoying what early autumn had to offer. Its my favourite time of year when the light is lower and warm colours make everything look like its been dipped in butter.

The poch on the way - always within a whiskers distance of one of us. He sits inEllies footwell in the car and snoozes.

Being met with beautiful light and eery trees was exciting.

Belle has now discovered bunny ears - we are no longer safe
I loved this fallen tree
And the light behind this leaf was fab.
Mark guiding our girl who insisted on carrying simba on her back. I mean, what can you do when your child (even if she is a teen) still has a love affair with soft toys?

Ths trees bark looked as rough as my skin felt.
Pine cones - million of them. I think she brought about 2,000 home.
Simba clearly got a rollercoaster of a ride on her back.
My fave pic of the day
Rest - and plenty of it.
Hello everyone!
I love the colour of this leaf - not surewhat Mark is trying to do to Ellie!
yummy colours

And we came back home and vegged.
Lovely day x

PS: Yest I bought a new iMac. Im so so excited about the speed of the damn thing which means my workflow speeds up which gives me more free time to do everything else. Ive used a Macbook Pro for two years now and this baby outweighs the brilliantness. Mark is majorly impressed with the keyboard (which looks like a wafer). I have to say, the Mac store at Liverpool One shopping mall is fabulous and the staff are second to none. The shop reeks of geeks, genius and people generally taking the ride out of free surf. I love Apple stores, even Ellie showed her mac geekness by mastering a few games whilst I browsed. The guy that served me even took my new baby straight to the car ....... which was a good 10 minute walk from the store. I mean - come on! Mac sure delivers!

Im a happy mac geek today.

PPS: Unsure whether to load Snow Leopard. Will I love it?


Bettyann said...

oh I just love your fab pics..Ellie looks so grown-up and happy..have a great week..take care..

Jan C. said...

I love the Simba backpack. My teen daughters (a bit older than Belle), still love Disney movies and sing all the parts. Recently I was cleaning out their younger brother's closet and found a Kiara stuffed toy that one of the girls had passed along to him a few years back. I was sure Allie would never want this thing back, but she snatched it out of my hands quick as a wink when I offered it back to her. I really couldn't blame her, it was the purring model!

Mooneybeams said...

Lovely pics. And go for the Snow Leopard - it's on my new MacBook and it's great!

Anonymous said...

amazing. As for the soft toys she will grow out of them when she is more into other teen activities and then want them all back when she is a bit older again!

SueK said...

Love Ellies pout, she is becoming a beautiful young woman and I'm sure she will become as fiesty as her mum, but keep all those cuddlies safe for her, cos if you don't your name will be mud.
Cheers Sue

Rach said...
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Rach said...

2nd attempt at commenting - it's Monday and I'm not with it!

Lovely photos, as usual. The colours are beautiful.

So far we haven't got Snow Leopard. We're currently running Leopard on our machines and are happy with that, but might install SL at some point. I don't really know that much about it - I let the husband deal with all that sort of stuff! LOL

Enjoy the iMac, we have one and love it!

Lil' Ol' Me said...

Hi Kirsty
Thank you for the comment on my blog. OMG I can't believe you came over for a peek, you could have warned me, I would have tidied up and re-edited pics and made sure my new flower ones (I love em) I put on just yesterday were there before your visit! hee hee
I am so unworthy of a peeks from pros. Oh and about the alternative medicine not didn't stand a chance. Ended up in hospital Saturday and it turns out I have bronchitis...more maltesers needed next time me thinks?
I just wanted to let you know that your pics of your walk are great (as one would expect on your blog!) and don't worry about the Simba thing. My almost 18 yr old came home yesterday for a visit, went into her old bedroom and started rumaging. Next she came down with her bunny that she was given when she was born. Its ears head and feet all need resewing, they are literally all hanging off. I always wondered how they got like that and yesterday I found out. The little monkey used to hide things in there, like sweets, torches, mobile phone (that was to be kept downstairs at bedtimes!) so I couldn't find them. She knew I would never look in there. So Ellie still has many years ahead of loving thoses softies...I will be 40 something in a couple of weeks and I still have my teddy beside my bed ;¬) Hubby wont let me have a pooch, so I keep Big Ted there instead. Well thats my excuse, hee hee

hello gorgeous said...

LOVE the close up of ellie in her sunnies - VERY rock chic! ;o)) xx

angie's blogspot said...

hey my 12 yr old son still loves his cuddlies, I think it's fab, and my dogs called simba, looks fab at the squirrel place.

Belinda said...

Hi Kirsty
We are a Mac household and i've just got a new Macbook Pro, to replace my little white Macbook after a tea spillage and it dying (god love it and my it rest in peace!) The only family member not to love it as much is my 16 yr old Son who is a gamer and has gone back to the dark side!! My three yr olds a big fan, now she can watch Timmy Time on our IPhones when we are out! My OH says deffo go for Snow Leopard it's much better! Far more stable & quicker!
Good luck at QVC tomorrow will have to tape it as I'm out doing hair, and as I was the very 1st person on the whole planet to buy your fabbo Patti I'm just watching to say 'go Kirsty!'
Belinda x

pmk said...

DEF go for snow leopard - dh is evangelical about it!

Helena said...

WONDERFUL photo's!

Great to see Patti Pinklicious on TV today ;)

Kate said...

Ooh you lucky thing I SO want a mac !!! I' so jealous, well wear!

Cazzy said...

Fab shots Kirsty. Love the pooch in the footwell.

Cazzy x