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6 Sep 2009

Bella Italiano

Two years ago I was asked to teach scrapbooking/photography out at Pacs 2007 in Italy and I couldn't go as I was shooting a wedding. I was gutted and thought Id blown my chances. Then Lori contacted me again a few weeks back and asked again.

Say no again?
I don't think so, honey.

The Paper and Co show (Pacs) is in Naples (Napoli....... when the moon hits your eye like a big piece o' pie, that's amore) on the 26/27/28th March 2010 and I am beyond excited. Im purposely going on an introduction to Italian course because I just have to - don't you think its a beautiful language? With Pasta and gelata on tap, sea views and rather delish, dark haired uomo (man!) but of course I will only be looking ;)I think that's Vesuvius in the background, hope that doesn't decide to blow when Im out there!

With flights to Naples costing a mere £60 return (Easy Jet from Liverpool to Naples - I cant even get to London on the train for that much!) who is to say that some of you English croppers can't come? No? Yes? Hopef yes! Also, the lovely Celine Navarro will be there too - she always looks like good fun. Im going to steal her and put her in my bag because she is also very tinsy.

Lastly, here is a proj I made with a dual purpose. Its a door/wall hanger for one of my sweet, dear friends in Chepstow and for a challenge over here at Bubbly Funks challenge blog Did anyone catch Neil Diamond on telly tonight - mark and I had a good old sing song.
**tuts, walks away and hangs head in shame.... we are showing our age!**


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Am so jealous, Italy, and Naples at that, and in spring. When our jobs are good, they are very very good. Helps to make up for those times that they are not!

You're talent deserves to be seen all over the world. How about Australia next time, with assistant (me) of course, lol.

Luv Dee xxx

Houston said...

Love the door hanger and now I shall sit and weep with jealousy over your fun jaunt to Italy :( No really, I am super overjoyed for your cute self!

Darcy said...

oo that will be just after my 40th birthday, what a way to celebrate!! hhmm

Congrats on being asked again.x

Mooneybeams said...

Naples! Lovely! Home of the pizza (it's where it was invented). Which is why the song goes 'wheeeeeeen the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie)!! :)

Hope you have a fabulous time

Ruth said...

Mama Mia...that sounds like fun!!
I love your door hanger for Bubbly Scrumptious.....perfect for the challenge!!
ps: Is your daughter a Brownie? I would swear I saw her at Cleethorpes on Saturday...if not she has a twin in Lincolnshire!!
Happy Crafting

Pat said...

Congratulations, fab news!
I saw Neil too, loved it!

Nina said...

Ohhhh that sounds like so much fun, I have always wanted to go to Italy!You have a blog award my luv!

MARION said...

Hey othing wrong with Neil Diamond...a bit of Dylan or Springsteen wouldn't go amiss either...Have a fantastic time in Italy. xx

Fabrizio said...

I hope you don't still hate me for my tongue in cheek comment on FB. Have fun 'nel bel paese'! Don't forget to go to the local Pasticcerie and ask for 'Sfogliatelle' they're divine ! It's a local specialty so go for it !!! Divertiti, XXXX Fab

Gilly said...

Until now I'd always thought the words to that song were 'like a big pizza pie'!!!!!

D@nielle said...

oh you lucky girl !