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22 Aug 2009

X factor - oh yeah

We lined up on the sofa tonight at 7pm, all excited.
The first episode of the X Factor started and boy were we in for a treat of cringing, laughing, smiling, hoping and whooping for joy!
Ellie was BESIDES herself.
I was slightly shy of that.
The tension in our house was fabulous

Gotta hand it to this guy though - you agree?

This is going to be an exciting X-Factor again, as ever .....yadda yadda. Saturday nights just got cool again.


Rae said...

Arrrgh! I missed most of it, totally forgot! but I saw that gorgeous fella ;o) Abi and I are already fighting over him :oD

Anonymous said...

can I come and tidy your craft room...please!

D@nielle said...

oh wow he is A M A Z I N G ! Kinda like how Waylon ( blew us away last Dutch Xfactor, take a look on you tube he's pretty cool !

Sue Abbott said...

Aw Kirsty, I am an X Factor addict, obviously not on my own now. I loved him and it's been great to relive the moment by clicking the link on your blog, I've just posted about it on my too, he was AMAZING!!!!!!!
Sue x

Katty Bell said...

I was gobsmacked by this fella!
He totally rocked that stage... looks like a born entertainer!
This is coming from she who swore not to watch X factor again....ahem, cough!