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17 Aug 2009

Together, Forever

I wish I was a professional wedding goer.
Not so much for the churchy bit. Hymms are not my thing, most of them make me feel sad.
I do love the emotion of happiness through tears - more than life itself.
There were tears and hugs at the Alter signifying that it was all official. The relief, the commitment, the honesty. I couldn't possibly reveal the story of why today was so magical other than it being "just the wedding". The lead up to it carries a sad story, so you can imagine when the moment they became "man and wife", everything that was sad before this day just melted away into the sunbeam above them.

This is the Bride and Groom, taking a moment.... I actually prefer shots like this as they are more natural. Granted, the day is all about smiles and having fun but sometimes the more poignant ones are so beautiful.
The Bridesmaids are siblings - each of them a valuable memory of my day, let alone theirs. Louisa is on the left, Antonia is the bride and Fiona on the right.
The Bride went from all things serene.........
.......... to all things punked
And the boys? OMG, their amazing little boys Milan and Marko.......those lashes. Wouldnt you kill for them?

Details, sweet details

A beautiful day surrounded by gorgeous, warm and family loving people.
Im doing it again next month and the month after.
Keep those weddings coming to me!

Oh and Happy Birthday to my Dad today. Loves you x


Patricia said...

The photos are gorgeous! And those shoes...oh my gosh you're killing me! I'm gonna go dream of pretty wedding shoes *sigh*

Zoe said...

Oh wow, amazing pics! Where were you when I got married? Would have beaten the disposable cameras we gave out to friends on the day!!

Anonymous said...

Masterful-as always.....
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Paper Angel said...

Awwwww, Kirsty - you're naughty! You made me get all teary again & I was at my desk at Practical when I read what you wrote!
Thank you soooooooo much for taking such gorgeous piccies of my family. They will be treasured forever.
Love Louisa xxx

mommy2alex said...

What beautiful photos!! I love the shots that you thought to get, unexpected and gorgeous!!

Dave Mc said...

Thank you Kirsty. The photo's are tremendous. Can't wait to see the full collection. And thank you for the lovely narrative you put alongside the photo's (better than my speech!!! LOL). Fantastic.

Thank you again and it was lovely meeting you. :-)

David (Father of the bride.