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11 Aug 2009

Something completely refreshing

Ive been researching natural remedies and recipes these past few weeks to have a go at making bath and body products in preparation for Christmas gifts - and for fun. There is a lot of work involved because of allergens and compositions that wont mix! Ive had a right little scientists lab experiment going on in the house (which smells bloody gorgeous right now) and have decided to put some of my ideas on my etsy.
Ive enjoyed designing the packaging, researching what preparations work best with the basic ingredients and how organic I can keep the compositions. My online friend, Darcy, has been a real gem of support as I tried to give them a little fun name which in the end I plumed for "Love Love" bath and body. Simply because I love, LOVE smellies.
I have three mixtures at the moment including Honey and Lemon with vitamin e
Cherry Rose with vitamin e made with crushed rose petals and a single rose petal for decoration. Id like to add that the pestle and mortar action makes me cringe as it squeaks together. Must try and find better ways to crush petals into a powder!And Lavender Mint (looks the same as Honey and Lemon right now)

Im toying with some other concoctions especially relating to wintery chapped lips plus I have some bath melts in moulds for an over night set to contend with over the next few days - does anyone fancy a free trial?!!

Im absolutely thrilled to say Ive sold a few pots since they went online HERE tonight but I guess this is just the curious rush for now. Id love to be able to sell a couple of pots a week to keep it all ticking over and in the process they are adding lovely aromas over the smell of undercoat! Im going to see if any local beauty parlours might stock it, you never know :)

I doubt Lush will be run out of town but still, nobody can accuse our lips of being dry and unloved!


SandyPie said...

Have you thought of a coffee grinder for the crushing? It's small and I've heard of people using them for dried herbs and spice making. I completely understand the not wanting to listen to the mortar & pestle! Good luck with your new venture!

Marie said...

These look so cute Kirsty. I'm sure they'll take off really well. I'd love to offer to trial the bath stuff but my skin is so sensitive and fussy to bath additives. Although, that said, if it could manage not to make me itchy it would probably be okay for pretty much anyone! LOL.

Good luck with the new venture.


joanna said...

Would be happy to trial your bath melt, if you still need volunteers!! xxx

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, i'd be up for a free trial if you're still offering?

sounds a lush idea for christmas pressies, packaging and presentation is fab too :o)

please invite me round when you make your next batch, just want to drift away with the scent......mmmmmm

clever toad! xxx

Katy said...

Love the packaging :) If you need anymore volunteers for the trial I'd be happy to help :D


Lisa Hemmings said...

Kirsty - is there any end to your talents?!!

I would love to be your guinea pig!

Lisa xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

I'll be your victim (oops, sorry tester!) hehe.

Sounds a fab little sideline chick!


Amelie said...

those are adorable!!!
we're been doing crazy things like this.. making our own washing powder etc its loads of fun

theres a few recipes there for bath stuff too

Carol said...

They look fantastic! - Is there no end to your talents Mrs :)

sharon said... please..I would love to slap some on.

Good luck your flavours sound very tempting, can you make some hand and foot lotion also?...maybe some soaps..;)

I'll send you a tree for your farm natch ;)


Lynn said...

Love the packaging, good luck with this venture. Happy to be a tester if you still need someone.

Lynn x

Darcy said...

So glad this is going ahead, can't wait to see what else you come up with, I think you should design papers and embellies to match lol a whole love,love pressure then hahaha

Anonymous said...

Love love will soon be the name on everyone's lips!?! (Sorry, my idea of humour after 4 weeks of school holidays!).
Just wanted to wish you lots of fun and a bit of luck with your etsy shop - just tried to order but it's shut for now(insert sad face). More than happy to place an order for some lippie as long as you promise not to make it taste of peanut putter - YUK! and you have some very willing bath testers at the ready if you need them!


katie squirrel x said...

They sound gorgeous....... always happy to test smellies out.... off for a nosey now at your etsy shop - quite like the sound of the rose one.......

PMSL at your bro on the trampoline, such a funny face!

Sarah xx said...

You are such a clever little bunny, always trying your hand at something and the results that you are kind enough to share with us are always fabulous!!
Count me in as a guinea pig, along with everyone else, would make a lovely change to be a guinea pig rather than just a law enforcing one!!!
The packaging for this is sooo darn cute I'm sure you will struggle to keep up with the demand for it!

D@nielle said...

oooh wat a great idea, who knows where this will lead ! oh and just delete the nasties out of your mail and head (although I know it's hard once you've read them but there will always be people being mean ....)

manicstamper said...

What absolutely gorgeous packaging Kirsty.......I love it.
Good luck with it.
Just read your other post about the nasty message etc.....God some people just want stabbing in the eye with a sharp stick.......want me to do it hun?