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12 Aug 2009

So I made a faux pas

We all make them, mine probably more public than others.

When selling on Etsy, especially home made compounds and preparations, you need an EU certification of your product. I knew I had got the recipe right but obviously something was missing because some kind Etsy member informed me of this, this morning and also some rather gruesome misfit left a threatening message on my blog stating they would report me to the trading standards if I didn't sort my act out, who did I think I was, how dare I try and even go to the lengths to contemplate selling my own daughter just to make money etc etc blah blah - talk about underhand. I can't understand that every time I want to try something new to earn a living, vultures descend worse than a pack of wolves. What ever happened to sound advice?

As if I would purposely try and kill someone with a witches mixture of nitroglycerin and gunpowder extract lip balm! LOL Or even worse, dog poo and nettle balm.

Im grateful in a way as it did make me spend 5 hours researching the legalilities of producing bath and body products that I didnt really have today. I thought Id done the leg work up until this morning. So this afternoon Ive been on the phone to everyone - chemists, pharmacists, toxicologists, University Professors, Business Link, Insurers even the Police of all people and my hard work paid off as I now how a legal assessment of my working practices and concoctions (minus a few quid out of pocket....**sigh**). The company that dealt with my assessment were really understanding of the dilemma that I was in and they rushed it through real quick. As the products I use are not anhydrous, they do not need to be tested as a whole. Im now waiting to get results for bath melts and bath bombs which isn't cheap neither but still I hope those of you who do this and, like me, had/have no idea of the legalities might learn from this crazy faux pas.

My hearts been racing all day. The last thing I want is a law suit over a bloody tub of lip treatments! Anyway, I can sleep well tonight but next time - if anyone would like to leave message in future, please email me and don't be so anonymous and unnecessarily mean!

I have a baby shoot in the morning that Im so excited about and then Friday Luisa and I are travelling to St Ives for her sisters wedding that I am also shooting.


bettyann said...

holy moly the things you have to go through just to make a few goodies for friends...don't worry darling many people have nothing better to do than to correct others!!...take care...

Christine (Craftling) said...

I went to your Etsy shop when I saw your lip balm, and was disappointed that it wasn't there. I look forward to supporting you when all this rigmarole is sorted. As for idiots who like to be nasty, they're just jealous of you and fundamentally flawed, sad people not worth a moment's stressing over.

Chris xx

Lil' Ol' Me said...

What a palarva (sp?) just to put a smile on someones face and hopefully raise a few bob. No doubt the anonomous person has a lip balm empire and felt threatened by your Love Love products in her not so Love Love world.
Whilst you are experimenting could you come up with a cream that aids weight loss, reduces wrinkles, softens and smoothes skin and reduces cellulite by 100% and preferable one cream fixes all! Just thought I would ask. If you do, I will pay for the certificate so you can sell it!!!
Hope it all gets sorted soon and keep on blogging.

Di said...

Crumbs - what a nasty piece of work that person is and cowardly - hiding behind anonymity. Not worth worrying over jealous folk with nothing better to do than hit out at others who are so talented. I'm all for the idea of one cream fixes all (Lil Ol' Me) - will split cost of certificate with her!


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Why do people do that? Whats wrong with informing you about things in a nice way. They obviously have no manners or life. We all make mistakes and advice is always welcome, but why be nasty about it. What very sad people there are out there.

Keep plugging away Kirsty, your ideas are great and inspired

Luv Dee P xxx

Emma - A crazy crafter said...

I can't believe some people can be that much of an armhole. I think it is great what you are doing and you should keep it up. Keep your chin up and don't let the b******s get you down. Emma xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Yah boo sucks to the cynics/nasty buggers! You now know you made a mistake, but you didn't let it grind you down and you've come out of it on top!

Good luck chick.


Linda - Gold Coast said...

I'm really sorry to read about the dramas you have had Kirsty, sounds like Tall Poppy Syndrome to me. Briefly "it is seen as a societal phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are criticised or resented because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers". Obviously anonymous is extremely jealous of your many talents. You rock Kirsty! Oh St. Ives - one of my favourite places. Have a terrific time.

cla16e said...

oooh theres some meanies in this world! Even an email to you would have been better, well leaving "anonymous" comments says it all..... never mind hun.
Theres enough people in this country whos out of work & even more whos not really bothered. We need more people like you whos wiling to get off there backsides & try new things & earn an honest living.
Well I wish you all the luck in the world & just remember "the body shop" started out like this......GOOD LUCK! xxxx

Jan C. said...

Gads, I would have been in a real craze if that drama had happened to me. Leave it to you to jump in and get everything sorted out in one quick day!

Hope the products sell like wildfire when it's all sorted out.

Patricia8 said...

Some people are just plain mean and dont want others to be happy - I hope Mr/Mrs Anon ends up with chapped lippies.

Linby said...

Why people can't just explain nicely to you that are you aware of the EU stuff instead of getting nasty - like you would set out to poision, maim, disfigure with your products LOL - keep going Kirsty there are more for you than against

Miss Magic said...

Gosh Kirsty that's awful. How mean are some peeps. I was really looking forward to getting some of your lippy but thought i'd missed it when I got to your etsy site. Well at least your all proper now and I'm looking forward to trying your concoctions!!

Love and hugs

Sharon x (Stone)

Anonymous said...

some a**holes obviously have nothing better to do , chin up Chick they will get theirs one day (i firmly believe that ). Love to you n yours Tracy xx

Brook said...

What happened to compassion and kindness. If I had seen you doing something wrong, I would just send you a nice little note stating my concern. I don't understand why people feel the need to be ugly. I would also give you my name because your just might want to thank me for my sage advice. Keep your head up. Keep trying new things! I love everything you are trying to do!

katie squirrel x said...

some people are never happy unless they can pass some misery or anguish onto someone else! Glad you are getting things sorted out and look forward to being able to purchase some of your smellies as they sound gorgeous!