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23 Aug 2009

Since Belle has been home I haven't really been in the best mood to blog. Ive hardly taken any pictures but I don't feel guilty about it (even when I get a couple of emails asking when Im updating next!).

So Belle came home on Tuesday which was immense. Im sure she had grown and I know for sure she had amassed a collection of pretty little freckles on her cheeks. She has also developed a nice tan which means she has also been drinking in that vitamin d that she currently lacks. She had enjoyed her visit over at her Nans and came home as happy as can be. That night we went uniform shopping and she was ever so excited. this kid LOVES school and was planning how to fill pencil cases and what style blouses she would like. A little grown up moment came by the way of "Erm, Ill try these clothes on by myself" when it came to trying uniform on, which shocked me so much that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I mean, out of nowhere this really independent comment stunned the hell out of me. "I'll try them on myself". Wow - go Ellie!

On weds my sister dropped by so that we could go wholesale shopping together. She is creating some "Hampers for Heroes" for christmas with 15% of her profits going to "Help for Heroes". We had a great time discussing how best to dress the hampers; it was a total sisterly afternoon of bonding. Later that evening my brother dropped in on his way to watch Liverpool vs Stoke with Mark where Liverpool, quite rightly, shafted Stoke 4-0 (sorry, Nick!). I can't tell you how much of a rare treat it is for us siblings to be altogether and Im really ticked off that I didn't get a pic of all three of us with this seemingly crappo point and shoot camera I used for the following instances.

My sister, engrossed in my stunning cupboarded kitchen (I cant wait to re-do that horrible kitchen. I hate it so much)
Me and my niece, Charlotty Loo Loo Laa Laa Fifi Trixabelle

My girl, head poked into Brain Traning as ever

I just sit, stunned, at how much it took the guts to marry this crazy fool

My bro and niece, rocking out

Crazy Charlotte, Belle and the pooch (and my brothers foot in the very background!)
Becky stayed the night and went home the next day, cry cry.

Thursday I spent the day with one of my old friends from my RAF days and I took along lots of crafting supplies. My friend, Lee and her daughter Victoria really enjoyed putting cards together whilst little miss moody knickers (Belle) vegetated on the sofa with her DS. I really wish she would take crafting up seriously. Still, she is happy doing her own thing.

On Friday, man! I was so ill with the most dreadful migraine that I have ever had. Ive never woken up with one before and as soon as I opened my eyes, I had blurred vision and prisms of light sharding my view. I quickly took two tablets and told Ellie that I couldn't sit with her in the lounge and that I had to go to bed. Its no good when migraines get that bad, I literally sweat my way through them and vomit when I have to. By 3pm the tablets had taken effect and I was ok to go down stairs but within an hour it was back again, much stronger that I felt that I wanted to die. It was awful. I was practically convulsing and nauseous to the point of passing out. I took some migraleve and went to bed again and within 3 hours I was up, eating and perky - I cant tell you how relieved I was that I was well again. Especially when I was starving and enjoyed that I could eat and keep the food down.

Saturday was spent at the Craftwork Cards summer sizzle sale. It was jam packed with crafters wanting the latest bargain and let me tell you, there was millions to be had. I taught to a class of 22 (I normally only teach 10-12) but Sue had managed to get extra tables and chairs to fit the students in. I used the new Candy Cane paper range (see two posts below) and enjoyed making a match book, two cards and a large tag. Julie Hickey was there teaching and demonstrating too and I drooled over her cards and makes. I had a great day surrounded by really nice people. I think its my favourite place to teach buut then again Im biased - its in Yorkshire, my homeland and birthright. Whilst there it was officially confirmed that I shall be working alongside Paula Pascual on Craftwork Cards design team along with Julie who is the resident cardmaking superbod. Im practically stunned that I shall be working with the one of the UK's leading craft supply manufacturers and all their yummy (and I mean YUMMY) stamps, card products, papers and embellishments.

Today was spent vegetating. If I am brutally honest I am still reeling from the migraine on Friday and how I managed to stop myself from keeling over, when teaching, yesterday was beyond guessing. So I had a lie in, did some food shopping (which I HATE) and then sat with Marky Moo as he revelled in the last of the Ashes test match. Belle was "advised" to tidy her bedroom and in the process surprised us by sorting out old VHS videos. I thought she would only ever get rid of one or two if the push came but no! She had sorted around 30 of them out to go to a charity. Unless anyone knows of any worth while causes accepting them?

Ok, going to bed to try and draw the last of the migraine aftermath out and tomorrow Belle and I are going to the cinema.


becky said...

is there a local hospital (children's?) or library that may use the VHS tapes?

Cazzy said...

I know that waking with a migraine feeling so well, but I have never actually vomited with one. I'm washed out the next day too, and maybe the one after that recently.

We also cleared out the VHS stack just last week, put it in the charity book box at work and some have gone already so someone out there must still watch in VHS.

Hope you feel better now.


Katty Bell said...

Hope you kicked that migraine into touch, honey, they really are the pits.
Re: Belle, I was the same with my two girls, I felt utterly lost when they first showed their independent streaks, but also very proud.