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25 Aug 2009

My dolly

Im 38 and I have a little dolly.
My Belle, the human dolly
I call her that as a pet name.
"Come here, you little dolly and pucker up".
She obliges on almost every occasion without wanting a prize for the effort (ie sweeties!)

Her curls are getting tighter and tighter the more she grows. I thought they would drop out but no.
Her lips get more kissably rubier every time I see her pout.
Her giggly outbursts makes the sun shine from every pore of my body.
The way these act together makes my heart explode.
She is the bestest dolly.

The pooch ain't bad neither, even if he is a 4 legged sausage with the smelliest backside EVER.


Houston said...

They are two cuties!

~*~Kate~*~ said...

That's just the cutest dolly!!!!

bettyann said...

what cute kissable...except for the

Mandy Stapleton said...

Doesn't Belle look well! She's grown too :O) I love how you love ger and adore her. xox

*reyanna klein* said...

Awww! I just LOVE seeing photos of your little dolly too. :D She is so adorable!

Sue Ramsay said...

Gorgeous xxx

Dylan said...

Thats cos she has the bestest mummy

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Just absolutely gorgeous. She is a Belle dolly for sure. I just love her curls. My adoreable granddaughter Ella has a head full of curls also. As Dylan said "you are the bestest Mummy ever". Linda xoxo

nailgirl said...

I agree...she is truly beautiful!! and yea, eddie is cute too!

Anonymous said...

love the pics!
btw, have you got a Making Memories "slice"?
if you have,are they worth the dosh?(bearing in mind I have a cricut expression)
we just got them in at work and im wondering if i should invest in double staff discount week...
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Est xxx said...

So blooming cute, hows you hun, hey just found out we are demoing on the same day soon xxx